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How To Go From A Newbie Seller, To $1000 Or More A Month!


Thanks, Now I’m highly motivated.


Thank you for such a helpful tips! I will definitely apply those tips.


Thank you for the info.

Just created a fiverr account today. Hope to get there :slight_smile:


Its a great one here dude. Nice write-up. One thing i want to mention. I personally like your business mindset and pattern. I carefully read through the entire comments and i love the way you handled some comments in a mature, firm and straightforward manner. Greater you…


Good Share… is very helpful for newbie fiverr.


Thank you simplysoccerpro!! I am just 15 days old on Fiverr in Graphic design category and I will surely use your tips to improve my gig performance.


That is awesome. I think the videos help and I can do whiteboard and slide videos but I have not had the time to do them for my gigs. Think I need to make time and get it done. Sounds like it helps on here. Thanks! :wink:


great article!! I am waiting for my first gig to be sold for a long time :slight_smile:


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It is just so difficult to get a break on Fiverr, as there are already people with set reputations. Wonder people ever look at the new entrants.


Thanks for the tips…


This is extremely helpful, I’m a beginner and am planning to try your tips in order to (hopefully) have a successful gig!


Super interesting information! Will take all of this into extreme account when on Fiverr!


nice tips thanks very much!!


Thanks so much for this article… i really gained a lot


Thank you for the advices :slight_smile: It really helps


Great advice…if you could I would love it if you could check out my gig. I haven’t gotten any sales.


Great Thanks!


Great Thanks


Nice one. Thanks.