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How To Go From A Newbie Seller, To $1000 Or More A Month!


Go for it and good luck!


Great and congratulations to you! I ama also thinking like this we need to respect client’s and also deliver time to rike also take fiverr as reguler job take it seriously. .

  • Man You’re Genius :slight_smile:
    It’s Real Motivation For All Of Us :slight_smile:
    Wish You Best Of Luck :slight_smile:


Wow great piece
thnx man


your thoughts are very usefull for beginners that they work only for money… they don’t have any idea how to make future client… i have many crown clients because of the thing that you said… work with honesty and be responsible for the job…


Did not get any order nor views e.e… what should i do in this case ?




Exactly! Respect your clients and they’ll return. Be rude to them or unprofessional, they are unlikely to return.


Excellent! It is more helpful for beginners. Actually patience is the first quality that a professional seller must maintain. :slight_smile:


Very much on the surface and no action details






This is really experimental.
Thanks for share with us!


I agree with all of the above OP. When I receive an order whether it’s on my various jobs outside of Fiverr and on Fiverr I will set a mock deadline. I.e., say the customer wants their order done in three days I will set my own deadline for two days to avoid being late.

Also, I agree with over delivering regardless if it’s ‘only’ $5 as I will treat each and every gig professionally. When dealing with a business less is NOT more. I like my clients to walk away feeling like I treated their job with respect and that I threw in a little bonus for allowing me to do the job.

I just started out with Fiverr and I’ve already had a great experience with a buyer and I over delivered and he greatly appreciated. Building a trusting relationship with buyer/seller is key to any business inside or outside of Fiverr.

Terrific post and thanks for sharing!


thanks! Very good advices… but what about advertising your gig?


Thanks a lot.


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nice article written Thanks giving good information


Very useful thank you :slight_smile:


Thank you. Very useful. What about custom gigs? How not to scare off the customer with price when the job is actually worth $100?