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How To Go From A Newbie Seller, To $1000 Or More A Month!


awesome. i have learned lot of things…


That’s a good question. Make sure you are not selling yourself short. There have been many times where I have quoted a customer at over $50 because of what they wanted and I have been reluctant to do so because I thought the sale wouldn’t go through. However, that is what the gig calls for and I’m not willing to undervalue my service.

You’ll find that many customers will happily pay that much for your service if it’s a good service. I just closed a sale around $80 today and my client was more than happy to do so.

Sometimes people will refuse to pay the amount they need to. In this case just politely explain that that is your price and that you understand that not everyone can pay it, but you will not budge from it. You’ll find that many people are looking for $50 gigs to be done for $5. The best thing to do with people like this is to be polite and move on.

The more orders you do like this, the more used to it you’ll become. I urge you not to drastically drop your price to appease a customer though. I did that in the beginning where I would end up doing $50 plus gigs for like $10-$20 and it wasn’t worth it.

Never be afraid to be assertive with your price. Don’t be rude, be polite. But also stand firm.


Your ideas might work. I will try to be obedient :slight_smile:


nice job and very informative for newbies. good luck for the future


Cheers mate! Good luck to you as well




Thanks a lot, this great and really timely. Been experiencing really low sales


Very educative, practical and straight to the point.


My sale is O from last 2 months now after reading this i really boost .Thanks for great Information.


Great job mate.


Thanks for the tips.


Thanks for the tips, it’s encouraging.


Great post. I a newbie and I found your writing very inspiring.


Very motivational post. I am already using couple of points shared in your post like I always make it a point to deliver little extra to my clients and they get so delighted. Not only do they leave a 5 star review but also leave a tip for me suggesting me to raise my price for the work I am providing :slight_smile:


This is inspiring, I am a newbie on Fiverr, yet to make a sale, though. Your insights are very informative. I will heed your advice, especially in over delivering.Thank you.


Great ! You responded to almost all reply’s.
Every time I see tips for seller I find some thing new.
Thank You


Congrats simplysoccer [for your dribbling tactics, lol]. Unfortunately mine is the complete opposite of your experience - for now. Please tell I pray thee, of your experience with your first buyer ever. How did it happen when you got not even 1 review? Thanx.


great piece


Very Good Article for the Beginners… Congratz to you :slight_smile: Keep it up


Thatso great…hard work does pay off on fiverr indeed…it’s all about work etiquette