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How to grab buyer's attention in my Gig

I want to know please answer i want first buyer to buy my service. I am new in fiverr and want to start bussiness.

I dont know much about fiverr but i am hardworking and have creative mind. Only need work to show my strength i like to do chalanging works…
I am expertise in many works like 2D animation, portraits and also available for data entry and data mining


Hi there @vikramvk, Firstly, a warm welcome to Fiverr and the Forum. Glad you’ve joined the big family. Okay I just checked your Gig out. Some issues here though… :roll_eyes:

Second, you need to learn how to spell Fiverr, and not Fiveer?? Because if you can’t even spell Fiverr correct it will put buyers off. Period!

Third, My first sell would be discounted 15%??? Do you know yourself that you already offer your cheapest price to your customers? Another 15% discount will leave you empty-handed, besides it is not even possible?

I noticed something that a lot of sellers doing wrong here, and that is, ‘‘Want to know why you should order me?’’ Do I have to order you or your project??? :roll_eyes: Be aware of what you put in your description.

Forth, I suggest hiring an English translator/writer because your description is terrible??

Please don’t mind my negativity, I just try to help… I hope you won’t hate me for this…best of luck!!

Kindly Humberto



Thnanks for reply :cry: once again thanks for your suggestions.

Thanks, You have made a great point here

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