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How to Greet Buyers (and how to close messages!)


Fiverr hosts a diverse community of sellers from all over the world, but is a platform where English is the primary language. English is not taught in many of the countries where many hard-working sellers are from, and the English that is taught is sometimes dated and a little too formal. Oftentimes I will get messages where I am referred to as ‘dear’, ‘sir’, and once ‘madam’(???). These are a major turnoff to me, and to buyers as well!

Please allow me to offer my opinion on how to address a buyer at different levels of formality.

When I want to be really formal for a big project, a client I don’t know, or someone whose buyer request or message to me is written very formally, I like to start with: ‘Greetings,’ and two new lines.
For example:

Thank you for reaching out to me. In regards to your project, blah blah blah.

Once a client shows to me that they’re willing to be more casual, I drop my formal act and speak more casually as well.
For clients with whom I am a little more familiar, the project is casually written, or the message is very casual, I’ll usually greet:
‘Good morning/afternoon/evening,’ whatever their displayed time is. It shows that you’re paying attention to where they’re from and what their needs are.

Many buyers tend toward casual speak after a few messages or interactions, and this is where you can get the most comfortable. For clients with whom I am familiar, or who use text talk or abbreviations (or curse words not aimed at me), I’ll use the most casual: ‘Hey there!’ ‘Hello there!’ ‘Hey again!’

I never use Sir or Ma’am, and especially not Dear. Using the appropriate level of formality is professional, but follow your buyer’s lead. Stay one step above the level of speak they’re using with you. If they’re very casual, be a little casual. If they’re a little formal, be as polite as possible. Some people treat Fiverr messages like a chat room (which is okay) or a text messaging service. It’s fine to do the same, but always remember who the professional is (it’s you!). If you can’t figure out what to call someone, just call them by their display name.

When closing a message, I act the same way.

For the most formal clients, I might end: ‘Warmest regards,’ or ‘Best wishes,’ or ‘Wishing you the best,’. Sometimes I might use ‘Thank you for your time,’

Less formally: ‘Thank you,’
and less formally still, ‘Thanks!’ or ‘Good luck!’ when finishing a project for them and they are satisfied.
I usually sign my name afterward–your buyer is a real person and you are a real person too!

To summarize, let me give you an example of how I might respond to a buyer reaching out to me about one of my gigs.

Good evening,

Thank you for reaching out to me! I would like to work on your project, but I have a few questions before I get started. How many words need recorded, and what sort of tone would you like me to narrate with? I have two orders in queue at the moment, so I can get started tomorrow. Does that work for you?

Wishing you the best,

This usually nets me good results!

This post is a little disorganized, but I hope it gives you good results!

A valuable edit:


Allow me to jump in here for a bit,
I thought that maybe you might want to point out (just in case some people get confused) that using dear as in

“Dear Jon,
I have a few questions about your gig…” is fine,
like replacing the word “hello” with “dear.”

“Hello dear,”
“Hi dear,”

This is not a good idea.
Also Hello friend, Hello Brother/bro, isn’t the best option.
Once you have built a certain level of trust, I guess it’s OK, but it
really depends on the person.
(I have a repeat buyer who always calls me friend and it makes me cringe…
I think it’s too late to point out that I don’t want to be called that…)


Good call. I’ve added it on to the main post. Context can be tough to nail. >_<


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Oops! I got a little carried away for the moment. :grin:

Same, along with madame, it reminds me of a Brothel Madame. :grimacing:


Hi Everyone,

I would also like to add something here :slight_smile:

While greeting or starting a conversation, it is important to show respect and politeness to your potential buyers. Your words should be that much strong that the buyer should feel special from them and love to communicate with you further and ultimately that ends up in a good sale :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


I always use “Hi there” or “Hi name” if they add their names at end of the message.

Also, important thing is to answer on each of their question so they know that you read it all. And not just answer on one question and that buyer needs to ask it again.

Also, from my experience, when buyers ask their questions and if you answer them in details, they often become repeated buyers later…