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How to Grow As a new seller?


Hi. I’m a new seller, I have joined 4 days ago. As a beginner, I have no idea for a buyer. Can you teach me how to get more buyer? and I have a question what is a good goal for a new seller? Please Explain me…

Advance Thanks for the suggestion.


reqular send buyer request


Regular send buyer request
social media marketing


regular send 10 buyar request and active on fiverr


Send regular buyer request


you have to be more active on fiver .To increase your activity rate you can use your mobile app.


@abiraftab Thanks you bro…

you talk to very major point. It’s is very important to new seller to grow up.


Send buyer request.Do marketing. Focus on skills


Doing marketing in social media…


stay focus.send regular buyer request.


regular send buyer request


Hlw, there! I am abdurrafin from Barisal, Bangladesh. Where are you from? And in which sector you are working with?


Hi… @abdurrafinn
I’m from bogra Bangladesh and i’m in a sector of web development.


work more and more ok


I can’t for a 2 star. Positive response 90 up need


Check this out: Before Posting Asking About MORE ORDERS, NO ORDERS, Tips, Buyers, First Order - READ THIS

Also check out: for hundreds of tips on how to get orders.

You will find lots of great tips and information in the above.


Hi Noman Islam,
I mentioned some tricks in my article, You may check this out.

  1. Be Consistent On Platform
  2. Continuously share your gig on social media platform and other forums .
  3. Don’t be limited to only one social media platform when sharing your gig.
  4. Research the tags currently working for your category



Thanks for give some advice or tricks.


You are welcome Noman Islam