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How to grow as a new seller

Hi all,
Hope all of you are doing great.
Seerat Fatima here. I have been on Fiverr since the last four months. I have been responded over 60 buyer requests and continuously updating my profile.Even I have passed my basic English test on Fiverr. I don’t know the reason that why I haven’t received first order for so long. I’m not giving up as I’m keen to sell my services through this platform. Kindly guide me how can I do even more better.

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First of all, keep patience. Try to research on your gig category and maintain your gig rank which will help to get your first order. Keep responding buyer requests as much as you can cause you don’t know when a buyer place a order. Sometimes it takes time to get first order. Some gets their first order within a week and some gets their first order after many months. So all you have to do is to have patience and never lose hope. Be skillful and professional. Now it’s a bit down season cause many buyers go for vacation. All the very best and good luck. Wishing you a bright future.

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I went to check your gig and it seems you are offering writing gigs.
I can tell your English skills are decent, but sadly not at a level where you should be
offering writing gigs. I’ve spotted a lot of grammar errors in your description, and I’m sorry to sound harsh but having grammar mistakes in the gig description while saying that you offer proofreading doesn’t make you look good.
You might want to try offering other services.


Thank you so much tareqtherocker for your valuable suggestions.

Hi Zeus,
Thank you so much for your valuable suggestion. I’ll consider it.

The majority of buyers don’t give work to sellers without or with few number of reviews.
First of all you can do market research of your niche and you have gig statistics analyse them to know the reason.

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I have reviewed my description. Kindly provide me feedback for further improvements.
Thanks in advance for your time.

Thank you so much.

Focus on your price and the services you provide to the users. Think like a customer why he buy your gig and why they need your gig at all? these are the questions remember them and try to modify your gig.

Hope for best and don’t lose hope.

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Wsalam brother, there are many way to learn online you can start learning from YouTube and then move to, or fiverr learn program for advance logo designing. Hope this answer your question,