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How to grow in fiverr. Please Help..!

Hello all, i am into this from last 1 year. got orders also, but not satisfied. want to really grow high. please help me, how to do that. how shall i promote my gig, how should i grab buyers.

You should really take care of your rating, it’s 94%, why would you accept this, if the buyers is not satisfied enough with the delivery, ask him what he needs, offer him things till he’s satisfied or offer cancellation, if you need to make more sales you need to keep your rating high, don’t even accept 4 stars ratings, if every buyers gives you less than 5 stars, your rating will keep dropping, the secret to more sales is the high rating and quality work.

you have no problem promoting your gigs since you already offer retweets, use that to promote your gigs if they are real retweets not just bots.

yupp… thankss… will try doing this :slight_smile:

You’ll have to fix your ratings :slight_smile:

How high do you wish to grow? Seven feet? Eight feet? Even taller than that?

Reply to @facebooklikessz: well… do you mean we can’t use such pictures ? whats wrong with this ? even if its kylie jenner, i am not using fake ids though…

Reply to @jonbaas: yeah :smiley: even more high :smiley: as one of the top

Reply to @thecreativeguys: yup… trying :slight_smile: thanks

Reply to @jonbaas: well, i think, you should even try focussing in your ratings :wink: for all 5 stars :smiley:

Reply to @facebooklikessz:
You shouldn’t be using photos like this, because you’re representing yourself as someone you are not.