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How to Hack Fiverr Account? [SOLVED] By Sumit Ojha

Hello Fiverr sellers and buyers!

I’m a web designer and also know a lot of dirty ticks of hacking. But I’m not here to hack anyone account, I just want to explain you how you can secure your account and how Hackers able to hack your account.

For Sellers / Buyers [safety tips]:

  • Never login into your Facebook, Google, Fiverr account by following any link in website/email/message. Lot of hackers make duplicated login pages and send their link via emails/message/chat and when you login by using their login pages then they will get the login details on their emails. So, be careful. Never Login by any link. Plus It’s also possible to make a Fake Sender ID of email (within 30 mins) So never trust any email (no matter where it’s come from). Never login by following any link. Don’t be lazy to login by a link, Just type the URL in address Bar…
  • Alway type different address in your web browser for login into Facebook, Google, Fiverr account.
  • If someone hack your google/Facebook account then they easily able to login into your fiverr account too. Because you already connect your FB and Google account with your Fiverr account. So, Becareful to use your FB and Google account.
  • Never login into your account from public or friend computer
  • Always put a hard password in your mobile and laptop.
  • Use a different paypal address.
  • Always use hard password ( Example : ++VaMpIrE#13++ )
  • If possible then use a different email address for fiverr account
  • Don’t use same email for fiverr account, Person email, and paypal account.
  • Turn on extra security in gmail account (So, everytime you login with different IP-address/Location/Computer then google will verify by sending you a sms/call).
  • Don’t install useless plug-in in web browser or in your computer.

For Hackers:
Stop hacking others account to make money. If you need money then earn it. Don’t misuse your mind to Hack others hard earn money. If you want to earn money but don’t have any other skill then contact me and I will teach you web designing in FREE so you can also make money.

  • You can make a fake login page and send the link to buyer/seller to hack anyone account. But you know you can make more money by using the same time to doing some real work.

PS : I know lot of method to hack accounts but I don’t want to disclose them here for security reasons.

Hope you will follow the safety tips to secure your account. Please comment below and let me know how to make your account secure and also let me know if someone hack your account.

if you have any questions regarding security of your accounts then feel free to message me.

  • Sumit Ojha.
    Web Designer

Thank you for your valuable information sumit :slight_smile:

Reply to @dreamytouch: Your welcome

thank you very much for these information its really help me

My account has not been hacked yet, but I received two orders from two hacked accounts- when the true owners saw,ask their money back.

Was this pre- or post-delivery?

Great working.

Thanks for the information’s.