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How to handle a buyer who messages too much?

I have a previous buyer who has sent me 94 messages in the last four months since placing a couple of less expensive orders.

I’ve been nice enough to respond to all of them but now they keep coming and I’ve let four go without a response, and this buyer is saying they will place another order.

It’s not unusual to get a lot of messages from my clients but this is extreme, and taking advantage.

I don’t want them to order again. I’ve spent too many hours on them already.
Any suggestions for how to handle this?


Just tell them No. It;s simple. Just tell them i can’t keep working for such low prices.

It’s not the price, its the amount of messages they send. It is hours and hours of my time every month to read and answer them and is stressful. I don’t like to ignore anyone but this is terrible.

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Ah, I sooooo get what you mean. I don’t think there’s anything you can do about it without sounding rude.

Good answer. They’ve asked for it. They’ve now sent 4 messages in a row without me answering them in the last two days. Can’t they take the hint? I get the feeling they sit by the computer night and day and wait and wait to see when I answer as if they think it’s all I have to do.

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I have another idea, just you know, say you’re sick and might be slower to respond to messages or say your nets slown down a bit. Not the ideal approach but it’ll work for now.

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I dread having them place another order so I should just tell them to find another seller.

That works too :3
On that note, could you like offer some advice for my issue, kinda in a pickle myself.

It sounds like the client is taking advantage of your good nature.

If I were you, I’d create a consultation gig and tell them you’ll consult with them on which gig to order, max messages = (Whatever you feel is appropriate)


Maybe just say to them, if you need something to be done, order a gig and explain what you need, multiple messages will result of taking my time to answer everything when I could work on your gig in that time.

But, again, they can be really annoying. Once I received 25++ messages from same buyer over a night. Mostly messages were, Hi! Can you help me? I need help with… Then after 10 messages, why aren’t you replying. I need this fast. Or just message with “???” in it. And whole night like that.

Yet again, serious buyers doesn’t write much to explain what they need and they know what they want.

I don’t want to encourage any more ongoing messages or contact from this person.
I am being messaged to death by them for months. I would block them except they were a previous buyer.

Try with “I don’t have time right now for your order” or something like that

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I would simply explain to them that you’ve spent hours upon hours responding to their messages instead of doing actual work, and you will no longer put up with their constant messaging. State it clearly, but as politely as you can, by saying something like…


I appreciate your business and the time and effort it takes to run it. However, I myself also have a business to run, and when you are constantly messaging me, this results in me having to take the time to respond, making my work less effective.

I’d like to be helpful, but in this situation, I can no longer provide my services to you, due to excessive messaging. It takes time and energy to respond to such an amount of enquiries, while not getting any compensation for this.

I ask that you please stop sending me messages. For future orders, I ask that you contact another seller, as I’m no longer able to or willing to spend time responding.

I wish you the best of luck with your projects."

Hope it helps :slight_smile:


Here’s what I’d say:

"I’m sorry, but as you probably know both of our time costs us money, and all this back-and-forth messaging situation has reached to no conclusion or agreement.

Due to this, I’m inclined to think there’s some sort of communication barrier between us, hence why I cannot continue responding to your messages.

If you desire to purchase my services as you did in the past, I’ll be happy to help. Otherwise, I cannot help you any longer and I’ll be wishing you good luck in your future ventures."

Or something like @smashradio said :grin:


What I think is best that

Hey sorry could not reply to you from last couple of days but actually I have many orders in line I can work for you after this but I guess it might take me month or more to get the orders done.

Please bear with me or if its urgent you can find and other seller.

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“My time is valuable, please place an order for x$ for y amount of messages. Thanks.”

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Or you can just cast a spell to make him stop contacting you! xD

I read many things here to say directly I don’t have time but this is not right for sellers coz we are stuck if he orders a gig in anger that he might have got hurt its annoying them so as Seller we have to be calm so that we don’t get in more trouble as Fiverr is almost in favour of sellers.

That is why even we complete work and they cancel order Fiverr favours them more I guess.

Any decent person would realize this is not ok to message anyone this much or this persistently. It’s as if this person has found a willing victim. I will just say it’s too much messaging and I hope they find another seller.

no need to be rude in this situation just let your buyer know the issue and suggest your idea
if not just cancel the order

last week i did 27 modifications for a logo just 5$
Buyer send me modification trough the massage some times it’s over 15+ massages. after buyer got all modification buyer send me cancellation request :joy:

Don’t worry just Keep up the good work