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How to handle a problematic buyer? Your advice needed

Hello guys,

I trust you guys are having a great day. Just a quick one. I am having an issue with a problematic buyer and I would like to get your expertise on this :slight_smile:

I encountered this buyer that operates on a joint account with his friend say A&B.
One of them (A) offered me a project with all the instructions which I worked with and delivered the project on 05.11.2019. At this time the second person (B) emerged, he totally condemned the project delivery and requested a modification giving some guidelines contrary to what (A) has asked for. I modified the project and delivered the second time on 06.11.2019

He again rejected the second delivery made some comments which included that I should teach/explain to him the way I made the project which is in PDF format to look like a real book (Mockup). I initially ignored this request as I channeled all my energy towards satisfying this buyer and modifying his project with his new instructions.

On the third delivery on 08.11.2019, his first comment came as an emphasis on why I have decided not to answer his question towards explaining to him how I do the mock-up jobs.
At this time, it dawned on me that this buyer was out for troubles, I apologized for not answering him earlier and politely explained to him that I learned this job over time that it is seemingly difficult to teach him what I learned over some period of time with few lines of text as he expected, more still I was busy with his project. He didn’t say anything again but went ahead to make just two corrections. I effected these changes within minutes and sent it back to him on 09.11.2019.

This buyer has refused to accept the offer until this evening, he said that there are still errors that he wouldn’t want me to continue with the project. He went further to ask me to cancel the project, that he is going to do the work by himself and was not going to use my base.
I don’t know what to do again, because it’s clear to me that this buyer wants to steal my work without compensation. Could it be he knows how to do the job by himself why has he not done it alone all these days? So, he recently discovered that he has the potentials to work on the project at a time I was completely done with it.
Apologies for taking your time, please I would like to hear your good suggestions on how to deal with this kind of buyer.

Thanks for your time guys! :slight_smile:

PS: I delivered both the product and the source files at each delivery

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  1. I love your use of the proper “effect.” Few people know it, so it’s nice to see that.

  2. Definitely don’t cancel the order. You did the work, so you deserve the pay. Did you charge them for the revisions? This project has lasted months when Fiverr TOS states nothing should last more than 1 month. It’s only fair since you’re spending more money.

  3. Explain to them everything that you said to us and say that there’s nothing more you can do if he wants you to work further.

A bad review might be left, but you’ve earned the balance of the project times 10 at this point, so stick to your guns.

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Just to add that you can always rely to your client that their order is not eligible for cancellation as per fiverr TOS that they signed and you delivered everything as promised and as per their requirements. And even added their new requirements for free.