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How to handle annoying "show me your progress" clients?

So i’ve been having some clients that came up like hey show me your progress, “how is it going? can i see how’s the work going?”, “can i see how is it going?”, “can you show me? how’s the job”, i know is normal to ask for it, but i just really had some clients who ask for it each hour that passes, and of course, when i say i’ll deliver your work in 3 days, it’s because i don’t have enough time to do it on 1 or 2, but if you are consistently pushing me just in the first day, you are probably assuming that i have to do delivery now, or after 5 hours, and that’s not how it works, it is suposse to be delivered on 3rd day, i have to do other jobs, other responsabilities and can’t be 24h of 1 day on your work, i don’t want this to be misunderstaded, i need help to know how to handle this type of clients that are asking for showing progress and showing and showing and showing, what should i do? should i offer him a revision fee for every showing progress he ask me for?


Politely or before they ask is my answer.
I used to get some of these too and the way I dealt with it was to start a process where I give them a day/time when you expect it to be done (allow yourself a little space too). The thing is, I find a lot of buyers are used to dealing with unprofessional sellers. If you show yourself to be different to that, they are less likely to be worried about the order.
My process is simple: As soon as I see the order, I message saying a quick thanks and something like “I expect to be working on this on Friday with delivery Friday evening or Saturday morning” and then thanks etc.

.This explains all the info they could think they need. I rarely get asked these things any more and when I do, I repeat the above with a “as mentioned when you ordered…”


Thank you, this helps a lot!

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I always message my clients when I receive the order: Thanks for your order. I have a few projects ahead of yours, and I will start working on your project no later than…

I feel that it is better to manage the client’s expectations. I hope it helps.