How to handle Bad Review


How do you handle a bad review from doing a second language writing? The buyer didn’t ask for the work to be reviewed. I believe learning is a continuous process, I want to learn from your contributions.
What kind of response best suit this kind of review.


Well, I checked and you do have two negative reviews and they both feel kinda similar. The best thing to do is share your side of the story as accurately as possible.


Thank you very much, I did already just that when you work very hard on a second language, without asking for a revision, all you get is the bad review.


Then don’t work on a second language if you aren’t 100% proficient.
Sorry being harsh, but the review is justified. The buyer shouldn’t have to pay for you to learn.


I was willing to refund them, I am stopping it right away.


You shouldn’t have taken the order in the first place or canceled it the moment you realized it was beyond your capability.


I speak those languages conversationally and write as well, that was not my first time. Some buyer are just …