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How to handle buyer like this : revise, revise, revise never satisfy and at the end

She/he wants refund unless leave negative feedback. What do you do to fafece this situation ?

I normally go for revision with calm mind. You got to be very calm if you want to carry on this career.

If you have unique skills at your work, I will suggest you to put your prices up. To be honest, most of the problems happens with the $5 customers. I know loads of people here in fiverr, they comes here to do a hard task just for $5 and they targets new sellers. They are mainly middle-man. They do nothing and incomes even up to a 100 bucks from a gig.

So be careful about it. Talk to your customer before order. Mention it in your gig. Be very clear about what they want and what you actually can provide. And do not take all the offers you get. Sometimes just walk away from that 5 or 10 dollar if you smell something fishy.

Best of luck

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Kind of you to help, but the OP no longer exists on Fiverr, and their post was over 4 years old. :slight_smile: