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How to handle buyers who are slow to respond and the clock is ticking


Hello all, Is there a tip for a seller who starts the clock, but is slow to respond with the needed information. Can this be cancelled without looking bad on my part? I gave detailed instructions on what to submit prior to started, but they didn’t submit what I needed.


Usually if someone doesn’t respond to me in 24 hours I initiate a cancel request. I have not had to do this to many times thankfully. I would say give them at least 24 hours though since we are all on different time zones.


My gigs are express, so if they don’t submit the required information I initiate a cancel request which stops the clock. Then I ask them to submit the required info and when they do, the clock resumes ticking and I get a notification


Never cancel. Always deliver the order, and in the delivery message tell the buyer that you will complete the work upon their further instructions.


Reply to @bachas85: What does it mean? It doesn’t make sense. When you send the buyer what he asked you to send (result), more versions for example, and he accepts it, and THEN you deliver it without any portfolio sample, it shouldn’t be a wrong move, I mean both sides did what they were meant to do


Well there are cases where buyer does not respond despite your delivery, and in such case it is better to cancel. I learned this hard way, because buyer can always come back and post negative remarks. So better to be safe and cancel the order if the buyer is not responsive.


Reply to @cassysailermoon: So, then you’re taking the money for something that you haven’t delivered? That’s not right.