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How to handle cancellation? Need help!


Lately, I received a couple of orders and when I checked the requirements they were more than the actual order price. I asked buyer to increase the budget and refused to do. So, we agreed to cancel it.

Now the problem is my completion rate has taken a hit and my seller level has dropped. Now I am a Level 1 seller because of my completion rate.

How should I handle these situations?


Well, sadly the damage has been done. :slightly_frowning_face: The only thing you can do now is pushing out more orders. I applaud you for actually requesting more :moneybag:. :clap:t4: Working for free or more than what the Buyer paid for is unfair to you. You have bills to pay like everyone else. Avoiding situations like these is difficult because anybody can place an order without contacting you first. Next time, amp up your communication skills, outline why you’re charging more for XYZ. Unfortunately, most Buyers are not concerned about Sellers stats, only their refund.

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I agree. Some buyers don’t consider the seller and don’t realize how much a cancellation will effect the seller.

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You’re absolutely right. The only way to deal with this kind of unfortunate situation is Fiverr putting mechanisms in place. My stance has always been Cancellations shouldn’t affect Sellers under certain circumstances. Especially, if it’s beyond their control, Sellers shouldn’t be penalized.

@musadiqkhan I don’t know if this will help, but reach out to CS. Explain what happened. More documentation of scenarios helps us, Sellers in getting Fiverr to change the current setup.

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when a buyer ask for more job than your offering gig, you can always let the order status incomplete and after a week passed you can cancel it without any harm of your cancellation ratio or ratings.

that’s what I’ve learnt from here:

@nikavoice i did contact CS but they said it is automated we cannot do anything :frowning:

@muztre Thank you so much for the suggestion. I will try it.