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How to handle Customer

I’m an artist and I have a customer who purchased a basic package of just head to shoulders drawing with 1 revision.

He provided me with a very low quality photo, so I requested another photo. I strictly said in the description to have someone take a photo of yourself looking directly at the camera. He provided 2 photos looking at a 45 degree angle.

I decided to draw the photo based on the reference photos he provided. Once I finished the drawing, I sent it to him and he think it looks nothing like him which is probably correct since I didn’t have a good photo to begin with. I tell him to send me another photo that isn’t low quality. AND again he sends it on angle, but this time it’s a lot better quality.

I draw more than required head to shoulders. I made 7 revisions for him. I normally charge $5/revision. I was going to provide him with the high quality photo, but he still think it doesn’t look like him. He won’t provide me with a photo of himself looking directly straight so it’s hard to get it perfect. He only purchased the basic package and he’s my first customer that is making my fiverr experience a living hell because I’m scared of him giving me a bad review after 7 hours to make $30 dollars.

How does someone handle these types of customers? I’ve told him all the extras I’ve given for free and he says it’s my fault I can’t get him right. Should I cancel the order or “complete” the order and assume he’s going rate me 1 star which will ruin me.


Will it really “ruin” you? Once he leaves the one-star review you are expecting you get to give a rebuttal and you can explain what happened. Also, you can give him a one-star review in return. But I am not even a level one seller, I just have read about this happening before here the forum.

You’re probably right. But I’d rather take a $30 loss than have a 1 star review. I have a feeling it will effect fiverr algorithm

Hey mate, get ready to get harder buyers in the future. :slight_smile:
My answer is this, If you insist to have 5 stars in your profile smile and refund it before he can have the chance to cancel the order and still leave the feedback. and I don’t point fingers to anyone but its more likely to take the buyers side in the conflicts. because of the reason they mention. as a full-time editor in fiverr I completely understand that fact and live with it. I saw your gig and you have skills mate. Just forget about the $30 and save your spot in the algorithm. :sunglasses::sunglasses::sunglasses:
Cheers Buddy.

Thank you! So I should refund it!

What should be my reason to give me the best chance of not getting effected!

Perhaps that buyer requested a service that isn’t offered in the gig?

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Yes Thats great, But mind that they gonna see our refund REQUEST in red color pages, Scary.
I always use Resolve Now > OTHER ( enter " Issuing FULL REFUND" ) it will be the heading of the message fiverr sending to the buyer’s page. > then click “ask buyer to cancel the order” > and after that final stage, we have to enter the message. in there mention “Kindly accept the full refund so the FULL ORDER AMOUNT will be credit to your account” it will pop up in red too. but buyer will accept it as soon as they saw it because they think if they didn’t accept it they will ever get it. :slight_smile: Just know the buyer behaviour and paly the mind game.

Why I don’t want to click other options because that particular subject will pop up in the buyer’s page. so They might try to argue and involve customer support agent which is not good because sometimes buyer can leave feedback too.

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You have done justice to the request!