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How to handle gigs that require us to login to their accounts?

It’s against the terms ( to request or provide Email addresses, Skype/IM usernames, telephone numbers or any other personal contact details (Other than your name) on fiverr, so how can we perform gigs that would require us to login to their accounts? Suppose we have a web development gig, and the customer wants us to login to their cpanel and let us do the job for them. Is this permitted?

Same here, for working in Social Media I need to share or know email address, then what to do?

I design Business Cards (my Main GIG) and obviously i have to put all personal details of buyers on CARD which they sent to me along with their email, phone, social links etc.

I have asked Support about this and they said as long as i use that information for the purpose of GIG, it is okie.

I just write in my GIG requirement that provide me all the info you want to place on business card design. And buyers do provide all info what they want to put.

This is obvious i am getting email of every buyer, now this is the point where we practice being HONEST. I design and deliver them and NEVER EVER contact them personally or send them any emails etc. This is the THING of BEING HONEST with yourself and don’t do against the TOS of the site who gives me the opportunity to EARN.

Hope you got my POINT :slight_smile:

Reply to @wingle: After thinking a lot and discussions with the buyers, we found some way to deliver the order without login details like files and they could share me link of pages by reading it, I could deliver them the content required for their page through files. Currently I have suspened those gigs and mainly focused on delivering something which won’t require log in details and will be less complex. I agree with you honesty is important and apart from that, it’s safer too to communicate through Fiverr.