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How to Handle Late Delivery On Fiverr

Guys let’s discuss this! a client place an order, while i was working on the order, i realized that time was not on my site… so, i request, to extend the delivery time, and the buyer didn’t respond to my request. So,i withdraw the request, and squeezed myself, and do all i can to deliver the order before it is too late. he checked the delivery, and request for a revision with an apology note saying “Sorry, i couldn’t respond to your request i was off, but its ok to modify the work at the additional time you requested”
I made another request to extend the delivery time, and started working on the order… but he never accept the request, and the order is late now… no delivery section button.
I don’t know what to do now, he is not responding, and i have no option to submit the modified work. in a place where i usually see time of an order ticking… now i only see ## LATE ## written in bold.

Unfortunately you can’t do anything. Just do your best to deliver on time in the future. If you’re unable to do that, then put more days for delivery in your packages.

Alright. Thank you for your time #Humanissocial

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Pleasure. Just a note that you have to use the @ symbol to mention a user, not the # symbol. I only got this notification because you replied to me. Otherwise I wouldn’t have.

correction noted @humanissocial by the way is like i saw it from your recent post that you are a level 2 seller… its a pleasure to meet you here.

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Thank you! I’m actually not. Not sure what you saw, but I’m not.

The most important is the first delivery.
After that, it won’t affect your “delivery time” score.

Alright… it is still great to meet you… the level doesn’t matter… if i need help along the line, you’ll surely see me knocking for help… so, feel free to share ideas and ask for solution to whatever problem on fiverrr… the experience matters @humanissocial

That’s not true. You get a new deadline when you re-deliver after the client has asked for a revision. Otherwise sellers would take as long as they like to deliver the revision.

This also isn’t relevant to what we’re talking about. The seller is talking about the first delivery and you aren’t allowed to deliver a partial-product, only a complete one.

Thank you @ridwansugi but, the order is not cancelled, at the moment and it is not marked as complete… may be because of the pending request i have asking the buyer for extension… anyway, the buyer has two days to respond, after that we’ll see what will happen… but, i am certain it will be marked as cancelled, plus i will have a 1 star rating :unamused: