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How to handle love as a technician or money-maker or love-guru? Please comment if you view!

I m, kumar ,stock market and data center expert .Also expert in handling situation and can give solution regarding romance and love. :slight_smile:

This is funny :slight_smile:
I handle everything with my tongue. If I mention the other handles I get banned from the forum again.


lol… think and choose one option
1.technician maker guru
4.all offthese or some better option

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Hi Kumar,

I’m really pleased you are here. I have a very unique problem and I think you might be able to help.

Basically, I’m in love with money. The only problem is that all the money I really fancy is already going out with Warren Buffet. So far I’ve been let down by lots of spell casters saying they can get my true love to ditch Warren and start going out with me. The only problem is I’m down $35! And I still haven’t seen any results apart from 20 cents I found when I was out walking the dog yesterday.

What would you suggest I do?


you need a woman to stop the spell caster which is letting u down and trust and try hard for success:p

I do know a woman… She’s just so expensive. That’s my problem, Kumar.

You are probably right about the spell caster though. I’ll talk to the woman I know and send her round to the spell casters house to sort her out and get my money back.

Thank you for your insightful advice, Kumar!


expense can be cut down technically with some good ideas and emotionally too it depends how u handle the matter bro :wink: