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How to handle negative reviews!

Buyer was very happy with my work. Left me a 4.5 star review. Unfortunately 4.5 star is considered as negative review here. My rating dropped from 100% to 99%. I sent a polite message asking the reason for 4.5 star review. Buyer told me that he meant to put 5 star but he was talking to someone and he wasn’t paying attention. Now he want to change review but don’t know how to do it. I sent a screenshot of our conversation to Customer Support explaining the situation but Customer Support refused to change review on buyer’s behalf. They said buyer needs to contact us directly.

Now i wonder, a buyer who don’t know how fiverr platform works, he don’t know how to put a review on order because he is new on site, why he will contact Customer Support to put a review? I think fiverr should change it’s policies regarding reviews.

P.S.- Buyer managed to remove that review and now my rating is 100% again. But he don’t know how to put a review again. I lost a review even when buyer was more than happy. All thanks to Customer Support.

Your views ?

4.5 star is no way a negative review. But that’s just my opinion.

I don’t think a rating of 100% vs 99% has any effect. Both are great ratings. Once in a while, buyers feel like rating a little lower. They have the right to do so, and I just accept those ratings and don’t demand an explanation from the buyer. I’d consider doing so being a little bit pushy.

It’s not a negative review, but it has the potential of lowering your rating. What 4.5 is a less than perfect review, it means they liked your work up to a point. Sometimes I’ve gotten 3, 3.5, and 4 as well. Sometimes they write very nice things. People are strange, I think the thumbs up, thumbs down system was better, more decisive. You give people too many choices, they get confused.

As for the written part of the review, when a buyer clicks on the “Edit” button, the original version is entirely deleted. I found this out the hard way, when trying to correct a formatting issue. Your buyer can re-write the review from scratch if s/he wishes to, but can’t retrieve the old one.

@ilovenish - What i suggest is to ensure in your gig you offer 100% satisfaction or their money back.

This way - You either get a positive review or they get a refund - Personally I think having a 100% positive review is better than getting $100 for a single order to ruin your Fiverr reputation.

Better Rating - More Orders. (always better than a lovely $100, and then a drought of orders after that.)

All the best!


Reply to @srikaanth: I think anything effect your rating negatively is negative review.

Reply to @belengarcia: I understand. But buyer was very very happy and left me a tip that’s why i asked the reason for 4.5 star and he clearly mentioned that he meant to put 5 star.

Reply to @fastcopywriter: It has potential of lowering my rating then at least I will consider it as a negative review. And it’s not like that if I’m satisfied with 4.5 star or not, but it’s that buyer is happy and want to change it to 5 star but can’t find out how to do it and Customer Support refused to do it on buyer behalf.

Very true, even some buyers get confused with ‘Source file’ gig extra. What they are families with is ‘Vector file’. Now I have to send a separate message to some buyer to buy vector file for printing. I wish fiverr should rename it to ‘source file/ vector file’

Reply to @catsquirrel: It’s very complicated. Some buyers are very helpful but some are not!

Reply to @ilovenish: There was a time that refunding an order would immediately remove the negative review, but those days are over, now it’s your buyer that has to remove the review, otherwise it stays.

Now I’m not going to bother a buyer over 4.5, I’ll bother him over 3 or 3.5, or lower than that. I have also changed my delivery message to let them know that bad reviews are unnecessary. This has caused more requests for refunds, but at least I’m not getting bad reviews.

Either way, some sellers have seen their ratings go up because of good reviews. So if you were at 99% today, you might reach 100% tomorrow. It hasn’t happened to me, but it did happen to one guy on the forum, or so he said.

Reply to @fastcopywriter: That’s very sad news. Can you please include the link where it was informed by fiverr that mutual cancellation will not remove feedback ?

I agree but I don’t think 99% rating might reach 100% unless you have 1000 five star reviews and 1 negative review.

UPDATE- On 16th August, buyer left 4 star review so i offered him refund (because it was $5 order only) and he accepted and feedback was removed. Can you please confirm again if this feature is removed by fiverr ?

Reply to @ilovenish: true, however many buyers think differently about this. And 4.5 is actually technically still an excellent review for many buyers perceptions.

I gave someone a 4.5 once, but I gave them 2, 5 stars and 1, 4 star, They still did a really good job, I was just being honest about the one out of three areas I was being asked about by Fiverr.

It’s kind of like how when people give a restaurant a or a movie a rating, even if the food was really good they might give it 4 stars unless it was so over the top outragoues the best they have ever eaten in their life, maybe then they give is 5 stars. But if it’s just really good and satisfying food it gets 3 or 4 stars.

Reply to @ilovenish: I think this article will help you.

I also found this bit of good news:

“As of now mutual cancellations, initiated by sellers or buyers on Fiverr, will not be factored into your cancellation rating or have any affect on your Level status.” - See more at:

I can’t confirm or deny anything, I can only tell you what my experience is and what I found. I can tell you staying at 100% is really difficult, most people can’t do it. Of all my gigs, only a few have zero negative reviews.

My most popular gig has a rating of 4.7.

Fiverr Customer Support

Reply to @sincere18: Agree. Every buuyer think differently. Some know anything below 5 star is almost negative review but some think 4 or 4.5 star review is decent.

However, rating a movie is something different than online business. 4 star movie is considered as Blockbuster movie but no one will order a gig with 90% rating.

Reply to @fastcopywriter: But it still worked for me 5 days back.

Regarding 100%, it’s been more than 2 months and 100 completed order with 100% rating. I will try to keep it as long as i can.


Reply to @speedy876: True. Yes i offer 100% satisfaction or money back guarantee.