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How to handle No gig requirements order?

I have face issues regarding the “No Gig requirements provided by the buyer in order request” many times and every time I cancel the order as “mutual agreement” I face issues regarding my ratings. Now it affects my impression of gigs. I am getting only 1 impression a day.
I need Tips on this issue.

Thank you


Any one have suggestion?

If you haven’t asked the buyer for their requirements you could do that in a message on the order page. If the order still hasn’t started (no countdown) after 7 days you should be able to cancel it without it affecting your stats according to one help page. You could also see if CS will cancel it without it affecting your stats. You could also make one of the requirements mandatory if you haven’t already.


Hi Uk1000,
Gigs requirements are “mandatory”, But they type dummy text or any message and start the order.

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So you could ask the buyer what they want doing. You could ask CS to cancel they order if it’s all dummy text and they won’t say what they want doing. Though it might take 10 days for CS to respond.

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CS can cancel it or they will examine my proofs? So it is chance-based my stats will affect or not?

It might be chance based and it might depend on which CS person does it. You could explain it to them that the buyer has entered dummy data into the requirements and won’t give the proper requirements. Maybe attach screenshots showing the requirements. But there’s more chance of it not affecting stats than if you cancelled it yourself if it’s already started the countdown.


OK, Thanks for suggestion. I will update in future If this happen again.

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