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How to handle non-delivery

We recently ordered a gig from Seller, fragglesrock, and order extras which were reasonable. Based on discussions, we agreed to accept the initial order and the extras were promised to be delivered a day after the gig. We agreed. Upon the initial order, we finalized the gig and provided a highly favorable comment for future buyers to see how well our experience was. Unfortunately, the extra gigs purchased, were never satisfied and fragglesrockhas since ignored us without any follow up.

Going forward, we will no longer finalize a gig without ALL items purchased are satisfied.

Sheriff’s note: calling out names is not allowed in this forum, as clearly written in Do’s & Don’ts you should have read; seller name has been fragglesrocked

You have the option to change your review for a time after marking the order as “complete” for just such occasions. Better luck in the future.