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How to handle picky clients?

I’ve been on fiverr quite some time now and recently became a L1 seller. Recently a client contacted me, I guess you all know the story - do “this” cheap and i give you “bigger” work later. I guess any seller was in this situation at least several times. I usually refuse, but this time I decided to give it a go.

I gave the client a 35% discount and even had to do a lot of additional work for a video cut. Fast forward 14 days we are now at revision #7, because he always “discovers” something else he wants to change. If you guys do video work, you know - render time!

The saga went up to a point where I started getting nervous that he will give me a bad rating - so today opened up my first dispute and asked him to cancel the order - and of course he doesn’t want to.

So in all honesty - how to deal with this situation? If I do complete the project, the buyer will hit me with a bad rating - fiverr customer support doesn’t help at all - i opened up a ticked 3 days ago and still no reply.

But the real question is - how to avoid getting ‘rating-blackmailed’ by clients? I guess I have to push my prices up in order to filter those type of people.


Raise your prices. It’s like a barrier to the rubbish that comes through. Also, limited free revisions.


great post. thank you so much

any idea how an order cancellation/dispute whatever is reflecting on your gigs/search results etc? I am really pissed. Not only did I spend a lot of time for nothing, now i also have to worry about that.

Any kind of cancellation with effect your stats, how that transfers to the algorithm :man_shrugging:

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Last time i cancel 3 order then i lost my gig rank :frowning:

yeah - i withdrew my dispute and I will try to fix the situation somehow with the customer. This is a nightmare. Btw, is there any way do dispute a negative rating? Because I am sure he will give me a 1 star, no matter what I do.

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There’s very little you can do, you can contact support if you feel the review is completely unjust but it does say that a review cannot be removed in the TOS unless any of the TOS have been broken.

you can contact customer support. I hope they can help you. If you are right.

You obviously recognise why this has happened.

Never listen to the rubbish about “I buy cheap now but give you big order later”. It’s a classic warning sign you’re dealing with a bad potential buyer.

The best way to avoid these scammer types is to ensure that none of your gigs are priced at $5. This bottom of the pond price point attracts sharks. Okay, you don’t get sharks in ponds… but you know what I mean.

Seriously, raise all your $5 gigs to $10 and the scammers magically disappear.


Yup, raise your prices and contact CS if the buyer doesn’t want to cancel the order.

Only if it violates Fiverr’s Terms of Service.

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That doesn’t work because in my case, any of my gigs offers revisions, and still Fiverr grant the buyer unlimited revisions… They always protect the buyer.

You can’t dispute a negative rating, but Fiverr gives you the right to publicly respond such rating. If he leaves you a bad rating, you can reply his feedback and tell why he such a bad buyer.

The next time, don’t buy the crap of “cheap work bigger job”, those buyer are usually scams that want the work for free.

They allow buyers to request unlimited revisions, however after the free revision/s you can reject a revision or charge for it.

technically no, according to TOS, however there are cases where you can, such as if they have broken TOS.

I’d be very interested to know the following:

Lets say one gig you offer has 2 revisions included. However, you end up doing 8 revisions (in order to protect your order completion rate and in order to de-escalate the client) - however, client leaves you a negative feedback.

It’s a gray-zone - because the buyer didn’t pay for the additional revisions and the seller did them for free with all the best intentions. I am talking with CS right now if a negative review in such a case could be removed, since asking for more (free) revisions than negotiated could be considered as breakage of the TOS. Right?

In the meantime, I am dealing with this type of BS (screenshot attached - deleted anything that could be used to identify the buyer) - if it was the first time - no problem - but 3-4-5 times it’s really getting frustrating. Tell the buyer he is wrong for giving you wrong info - he will punish you. Cancel the gig - fiverr will punish you.

Update: Now at revision #10, because client changed his mind about the english version and wants some additional changes there too. The whiskey i consumed working on this project and calming my nerves equals to 3x the amount I get paid. In the meantime i finished 2 other similar projects within 3 days and had wonderful buyers including tips. Go figure.