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How to handle this completely irrational customer?

I’ve got a customer right now that is 100% irrational and impossible to deal with. They placed an order, then added a gig extra. They asked me SEVERAL times how a certain thing would work out if they wanted it and I told them that there was ANOTHER gig extra that they could add that would cover this additional request. I explained this to them at least 3 or 4, maybe even 5 times. I do not know how to be any more clear. I have delivered everything the customer ordered and in top quality, as I always do. The customer is now very heated and is threatening to leave a bad rating because I haven’t provided a service that they NEVER ORDERED!!! We have now gone around and around and around on this, with me ALWAYS saying the same thing over and over since the jump! What do I do?! This is draining my time and energy – all over a whopping $10! I do NOT want to work with this customer again. They have not left a rating yet, but have assured me that a nasty one is coming. Why? Why do people get mad that you won’t do work for them FOR FREE?! This is madness. I am moving out of my flat next month cuz I can’t even afford it anymore and here are people threatening to negatively impact one of my main forms of income?! I’ve NEVER had this problem before. I always get 5 star, raving reviews from my customers and strive to satisfy them, even if I go above and beyond the call of duty to do it. What do I do guys? I’m hectically stressed out about this!

Also, they are saying that I said the service they’re demanding for free would be included in their order for free. I never said any such thing and never would. The entire message thread proves this, as I said repeatedly that if they wanted me to fulfill their additional request, they’d have to add the gig extra.

I am very sorry! Don’t let them threaten you with a negative feedback. You can always contact customer support and provide screenshots. If you can proof to them that the buyer is threatening you with a negative review just to get free work, they should take your site. If you want to save yourself a headache just cancel the order.
It happens to everybody. I recently gave a client a custom offer which he accepted. He then threw extra work at me and said oh by they way do this as well. I spent hours on this job, it was a joke. I should have just canceled as well! Lesson learned!

Hopefully this person is going to just go away soon. Idk.

When you have a difficult buyer like that, just do a cancellation or refund and move on.

Yepp I’ve had this experience twice!

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I don’t like manipulative people. For crying out loud, this is the cheapest place on the web to get crap done and people STILL want to pay less!!! They want a 3 Michelin Star steak dinner on a McDonald’s dollar menu budget! WHY do they feel SO entitled? UGH!

I wrote back a very long response to the customer and pointed out numerous times that they never ordered what they are demanding. They just wrote back and said that they’re not going to leave a bad rating now. I do not believe them, so I just wrote back a very, very kind and polite response, hoping not to poke the bear further somehow.

This person says the most irrational things that I just have to wonder if they are actually mentally ill. Now, they’re telling me that they paid $11 for their order. The ONLY way to pay $11 anywhere on Fiverr would be through a custom gig offer. We did NOT use a custom gig offer on this order, so the amount she paid is $10. It even says that at the top of the order page, on the order summary! I told her that and she STILL insists she paid $11! WTH!

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No doubt she sounds crazy but her claim about the $11 she paid is likely true.

If you don’t have money in your account like us Sellers usually do then Fiverr charges the Buyer a 10% processing fee to pay through Paypal. So for a $10 gig Fiverr bills her Paypal for $11 and keeps the $1 processing fee as profit. You never see any of that extra $1 in you account but she probably did pay it, just not to you.


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Oh really?! I didn’t know that! Thank you so much for that information! It’s very helpful.

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Great advice, fo sho. If this ever happens again, I’ll definitely do that. For now, it seems to be resolved. She has not left a review and I hope she leaves it that way. I guess I still could, but I’m hoping for the best.

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Did you end up cancelling the order both times?