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How to handle this?

Pls Check screen shot, a client is asking for sk…e for communication

What should I do here?

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Tell them only if you have it written in your gig description and you do not have it written there.

Plus I think you need CS’s approval first.

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What services are you offering?

If it’s not something like tutoring through ■■■■■ then it’s not an order requirement.

What it means in TOs that your client can share their ■■■■■ email etc if they need to add it for example on business cards. If they just want to chat then it’s forbidden, all communication should stay on fiverr.


Thanks, I will contact support

I’m offering website development and customization in wordpress. Nothing like tutoring or as such. Thanks for clarifying though

I’ve been in this situation before, where a client asked me to talk over the phone about a project. After double-checking the TOS, I realised it’s always best to keep all communications on Fiverr.

My understanding is that you are only allowed to rely on outside communication if it’s strictly necessary as part of the Gig. And even in such case, I believe you should seek CS’s approval first.

So, basically, even if you’re offering let’s say a consultation service, or tutoring, where outside communication might be required, you would still need to ask CS approval before initiating any contact with your client outside the platform.


The only thing here is I got a response from this client after I send proposal to them through buyer request and it was good amount and a good project as well, fiverr support takes long to respond, it’s like 6-7 days since am waiting for their response on last ticket I added. For this one also, if they respond late, I might lose this client.

I understand your concern. But still, if I were in your shoes I would not communicate outside Fiverr. Because it is against TOS.

Perhaps you could try to explain your customer that face-to-face interaction is not necessary: written communication can be as exhaustive and accurate as a phone call. As a matter of fact, every detail of the project can easily be discussed on the platform. It might help to anticipate his concerns by writing a detailed message with all the information you think is important. Let him know that you’re available to clarify any concerns he might have on the project.

If the customer still insists to communicate outside the platform, then I would just withdraw the offer.

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It’s almost never needed and it’s YOUR service. YOU decide if it is needed and you are the one who knows if it’s needed or not.

When people say they need to do it via video chat they’re either scamming or they only need it because they want to ramble the scope to you instead of filling out a requirements form. People are lazy.

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