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How To Handle Too many Orders

As a fiverr seller, sometimes you may get too may orders that may be difficult to handle and at the same time you do not want to cancel any order. Here are a few thing to do that works for me.

  1. Create an excel database of the incoming orders (include old and completed orders)
  2. Indicate the deadline for each order
  3. Create a work plan starting with the most urgent
  4. Start working
  5. Deliver each order as it is completed

    If all the orders have same deadline, the same work plan still applies in order of work arrival. This has worked well for me and I do not leave any order undone. Can I know what works for you?

Reply to @carol_smith: with 100 orders, you wouldn’t let it get to that point to begin with…a good seller who is getting that many orders will have already adjusted their delivery days to include many more days. This is why some of the top sellers deliver in someones a week or even more than that.

You can also suspend your gig or go on vacation mode once you see the orders piling up to 25 or however many you can actually handle.

Another way to handle it is adjust the gig, so you are getting less orders, but for much more pay.

This is about standard workflow and as a business owner each person has to figure out what works best for them.

What a good problem to have!!

Hello @florencet .

Good Post. but when you have 100 orders a day it will become more difficult.

Reply to @mallika255:

Hello Mallika!

You are very right. 100 orders a day is too extreme for anyone to handle but I guess there is always a solution.

Can someone tell me then, what kind of solution there can be with over a hundred orders all with thesame deadline to meet? How possible can this be? No one needs any negative ratings or such…

You need to extend your deadline and/or raise your price until you are only receiving the amount of orders you can do each day. If you only want to complete 20 orders a day and you potentially have 80 order in your queue, then your deliver time needs to be atleast 4-5 days. The minute you are overbooked communicate with your buyers about the delivery schedule. Constantly adjust your delivery time for the new orders that will be placed. If you get overwhelmed, pause your gig for a few days.

good anser.

Thank you all for your answers!