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How to handle TOS problems?

I have some problems following all the TOS requirements, especially the rule where the services offered cannot span longer than 30 days. Basically the situation is that I have technology available which works using html’s embed tag, but that requires a web server to be maintained (by my isp). This can potentially break the TOS rule that services offered must terminate after 30 days. How should this be handled, is it possible to provide web service that implements major part of the gig’s description using html’s embed tag?

I’m new user, so dunno yet how these issues can be resolved given that my technology is working in such way that it requires server maintainance.

Of course I can provide win32 executable files of the game too, but that kinda kills biggest selling point of the gig, as I’m selling a web property that the buyer can specify.

Some people do offer hosting on Fiverr I think where buyers buy it 30 days at a time (every 30 days). Though I think it would be safer/easier, to give them everything they need so they can run it on another/their web server.

You could ask CS what the best/allowed way of doing it is if you wanted to use your server to be sure.