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How to handle unresponsible buyer


Hello dear all Fiverr Community.
I am a newbie here in Fiverr, this is my 15 month I work here and still need to learn how about this site rule.

I’m sorry if my question had ever been asked somewhere in this forum before because I have look for it so many times and didn’t find the solution of what I’m looking for.
If my question is really ever been asked before please kindly lead me to the link that have the answer for my question.

And sorry for my bad English language, as you can see I’m from Indonesia.

Okay, so here is my question.
How we seller usually handle unresponsive buyer?

After 1 year work here, I found sometime (just a small amount) there is a buyer who didn’t have enough responsibility with us.

For example :
A buyer placed an order and after the order placed I replied it as fast as I can.
Then the buyer put the requirement and then I do the job exactly like the requirement.

And then buyer asked for some revision and I do it in quick and redeliver.
After couple months, the buyer didn’t come back and of course the job Will mark as completed.

After couple months suddenly the buyer came back and without saying anything post a negative review.
I tried to contact the buyer immediately to ask why he did that and he gave some reason that is unacceptable (in my case for example, the buyer asked the image to be transparent and I already send it a couple months ago).

I also demonstrate how The image look transparent but the buyer still didn’t respond anything

How if the buyer didn’t ask for refund but just to leave that negative review and didn’t come back again, what should I do to fight for this bad review (imagine that everything is deliver 100% exactly as what buyer request)?

Please advise me what can I do to handle unresponsive buyer like this.
And thank you for your help dear friend.

Gunawan Guan


Sorry but after fiverr changed the rules you can’t do anything about it. The negative feedback will stick on your account. The only thing left is for you to complete more orders making sure you get 5 star rating then the negative feedback will get consumed by the positive ones.


Thank you for your answer my friend.
But still waiting if there is maybe another solution for this case.

I think this Will be a disadvantage for us seller if this happened repeatedly


There is a recent post talking about how to request a new buyer revision, but I think your case is more sensitive.

Try to contact the Fiverr support and explain this situation. Unfortunately, the new Fiverr rules don’t will let your negative rating be changed or erased.

So my friend, it’s up to the buyer mostly. I know it is something that sometimes isn’t right. It happened to me one time too.

Try to explain to this buyer how his rating is important to you in order to have more clients and if he/she would reconsider.


Thank you for your response my friend.
Yes for some case I tried to contact fiverr Support.
But so far I didn’t feel that the solution from fiverr Support is the best solution too.

Fiverr Support said that I have to try to contact the buyer and explain the situation.
But in my case there is sometime the buyer didn’t response even for a once after leaving bad review.

This what make me confused, how can I contact the buyer if the buyer didn’t response any message I send.

But thank you for your solution my friend :slight_smile:



Thank you my friend for your information :slight_smile:but this is not the one I’m looking for.


A buyer should only be able to post a review for 30 days as far as I’m aware, at least that is the information on the Fiverr page.


Yes the order is happened in about December 2016.
It’s my bad language that failed to explain.
Anyway, thanks for the response.

I think this is the best solution for now.
Thank you all for partisipating.

I Will keep upgrading myself to deliver more quality.
Thank you all for your information


Similar thing happened with me. Buyer didn’t give any review though I revised several times and satisfied the buyer.