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How to handle with cheaters?


It seems there are a lot of cheaters around here. They get the money, they claim that the work is delivered but they do absolutly nothing. How do to handle with them? I so fed with fiver, this just a waste of time and money.


Always try and find positive reviewed gigs. I’m not saying ignore newbies with no sales -as I’m in that category- but it’s less of a risk. Also, if you encounter a scam gig, report it. I’m sorry that your experience with Fiverr is low grade, but there are many good people on this site. Hope you stick around!


Apologies, I do this sometimes. My internet connection messes up a little and gigs don’t attach no matter what browser I use. I keep trying until an order goes ‘Very Late’, and if I haven’t received a response by then I will mark it as complete until I can get it to attach (which is when I head home from work) as I don’t wish to receive gig cancellations for something out of my control when i worked anywhere between 1-4 hours on it. I must admit that sometimes I forget to re-attach a gig and thus people end up without, a quick message to me will spur it on though. So if you don’t feel as though a seller is delivering what they promised, send a message as I am sure they can help!


Just like Ryan, there are a few reasons why certain sellers may deliver an unfinished gig (though I do not advise it). If the seller needs a specific amount of information in order to work on your project for you, check to see that you have supplied all of the necessary information requested. This website works on a deadline system, so once you pay and respond, the timer begins.

For sellers, I would suggest requesting a mutual cancellation instead of delivering an empty file, or unfinished project. Or, explain why and ask the customer BEFORE marking a job as completed if it is alright to do so and deliver the work at a later time. It is unfair to the customer, to mark a job as complete, and accepting payment for something you may not have actually done yet.

However, if you are the buyer, and the seller has not delivered the work in a timely manner, or has delivered an unfinished project, they have made their choice to risk the negative repercussions due to not delivering on time. You can either contact customer support and request a refund, or leave the seller a negative feedback rating, warning the future buyers, that they have not delivered on time.

I hope this information helps you, and I do hope you find the right sellers for you.


Allyson Michelle


“order delivered” without anything really Delivered.

fiverr do not protect your buyer or what?


Reply to @boyalab: fiver customer support i personally feel are amazing! they have always replied to me that same day, should ask them for help if the seller did not actually deliver nothing and is not responding to you


yeah, nice info here


This shouldn’t reflect poorly on fiverr. There are good people out there. And yes I am one of them hahahaha!