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How to handle your buyers professionally

Hello, I must share my experience how Fiverr helped me pay my university fees for my Masters after I lost my sole source of income. Luckily, this platform is user-friendly for both buyers and sellers. I’m now settled and decided to work with Fiverr. Here are the best tips behind my success
Always remember to be kind and honest to your customers
Don’t mind doing more even when the client has paid less; he or she will definitely come back for more
Never ever deliver plagiarized content to the customers
Adhere to Fiverr’s terms and regulations regarding code of conduct
Remember to be friendly and say thank you to your customers
Assure your customer you are qualified for the job; always select jobs you are skilled in

thanks so much …

Thank for sharing your success mate… jus reading them gives us a moral boost. Best of luck with your life bro…\m/

What a surprise just purchased two gigs
and the seller pitched me back with my competitors
on the please leave a nice comment page…

Im new in here. I hope buyers notice me soon…

Thanks for advice!

Nice Tips for Beginners. Cheers to you mate!!

I’m so much agree with you. I do all of those methods and much buyers came back to order again. Although there’s also a naughty buyers who take advantage of our kindness, still we must keep our professionalism. :wink:

Nice and thanks for the advice

How i start my first selling . 2 week gone my gig . Please help