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How to have a seller team? How to send money to another seller account without an order?


So I have a friend which wants to sells with me. He is outstanding guy which works very well. How can I transfer money to his FIverr account when a buyer completes an order from mine account.

We want to be a Seller TEAM!


You can’t, you must place an order with their account.


Too sad for me. I receive $15 order and receive $12. I order $12 order and he receives… Is there something else which can be done?


You need to charge more for the service if you are going to pay someone else to do it.


Got you. But Fiverr will take at least 1/4 of the sum. Will take $7. I mean the person orders $20, Fiverr takes $4. I order $15, A buyer won’t pay more than $20 for such a service.


Fiverr takes only 20% of every sale. The percentage of 20% of every sale is NOT “at least 1/4 of the sum”.


See! I want to pay a seller the sum I receive for an order. If a client buy an order for $15, I will receive $12, and if I order the seller and Fiverr will get $2.4. So Fiverr gets $5.4. And the order is $15.

The seller will receive only $9.6 from $15.00.

It’s even more than 1/3! :wink:


You can send him money to pay him by using Paypal. You can’t exchange Paypal ID’s on fiverr but if he is your friend you can ask him what it is.


Is he a person you personally know? How about just hand over the money.

There are lot of small teams all over the world working on the same account. They just make money as a normal person, but they personally split it among them selves.

But if this person is someone you got to know from Fiverr, then I am afraid there is no other option than to place a custom order and split the fees between both.