How to have a stable income in fiverr?


Hi, I wanted to tell you that I have worked in fiverr for 3 consecutive years, I have always worked in fiverr as an extra to my normal job, however, I decided to start a new life in another country where I have many more expenses, I want to start generating enough on this platform and make it my main job since it has cost me to get a stable job and I think I’m wasting my time wasting all the opportunities that fiverr offers me, what do you think I should do to generate around $ 1000 monthly on this platform? I read many thanks, I know that everything is possible.


Stable income is something you just can have with a good clients wallet (people paying you every month for some service). Here on Fiverr you need to be more organized, prospect clients every day and set your monthly sales target amount.

Being a recognized good worker on Fiverr is a must to (you already have 3 years! That’s great - What about your reviews?).

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If you enter my profile you will realize that I have several and good reviews, but most of my clients are not fixed, they acquire the service and already. How can I prospect more clients? I was level 2 and by low sales I reached level 1.


How Prospect More Clients:

  1. Buyer Requests: Prospect and send offers everyday.
  2. Social sharing (FB, TW, Blogs, etc): At least 3 times a week.
  3. While doing business, try to offer your monthly gigs (e.g: If you are a writer you can create a monthly offer where you create appealing text content for your client’s pages).

I think that’s it. :slight_smile: