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How to have extral $$money$$

hello guys,i just wonna share my experience with you on how i made extral benjamen to my account,withou wasting our time i’l just go straight to the point,what i did was i head over to BUYER REQUEST and looked at the request picked those that are not related to my Gigs i have in my profile which am pretty sure i can do Execute very well,i contacted the buyer and he replay me back and we’re on Bussiness…my point is offer what you don’t have in your Gig But only what you know you can do very well.

I think it’s a good idea.see my gig here Hi There,

its cool…

I’ll try that! It’s a good way to get more business and test a potential new gig you should offer!

i have been using this method to get more jobs rather than sitting and waiting for peeps to locate you.

glad to hear that…its wil realy gonna be an added advantage

Come, friendly bombs, and fall on Slough! It isn’t fit for humans now, There isn’t grass to graze a cow. Swarm over, Death!

I am absolutely amazed that you think your writing is worth $$money$$. Good Lord. You’re from Slough? I grew up in Reading so I’ve never had a particularly high opinion of your concrete hell, and I was always aware the natives weren’t particularly clever, but you’re taking the absolute biscuit here. I know you can make “provitable” CB links, but come on girl.

You are not from Slough. You do not live in America (or “United State” as your profile claims). You are not fluent at English. You are not dyslexic. You simply are just not who you claim to be. For the love of God, don’t sell writing gigs! You cannot write! That’s not being judgemental–it’s a simple fact. Your writing is not good enough to sell.

As a writer for hire, and an “advisor”, how could you even write this following sentence without a trace of irony?

my point is offer what you don’t have in your Gig But only what you know you can do very well..

u wot m8? Come on. Slough’s already stuck in the dark ages. You’ve just made it neolithic. I love how you don’t even spellcheck your gig photos. “Professiona” or what? Just stahhhhhp.

And yes, I am a skeptic. The very fact you need to tell the haters to go away indicates you’re perfectly aware that you’re terrible at what you do. Absolutely amazing.

Your posts and the comments you make in this forum always keep me dazed… You really do love being arrogant, Lol…

So you think her English isn’t a gigantic pile of poo? That’s not arrogance. It’s just… there.

Besides, you’re a proofreader/writer and this is your profile.

I am an Established US-Based Native Writer, allow me to stratgically use my decade worth experience in your Web contents &
Creative writings. My services are 100% genuine and guaranteed to hit the mark! I have helped a lot of clients achieve their desired goals here on Fiverr. I can help you too!

I’d be keeping quiet if I were you. Or at least working on your own work before panhandling it out.

You can translate ALL languages to English, right? Or more than five, including the well-known language “Italy”. You even screwed that up in your “Spanish”. Italiano, Italian. You’re a proofreader, for Christ’s sake.

I’m not being arrogant. You are, thinking you can peddle off this dross for money.

This post is literally an idiot magnet. You’re all frauds, cheats and liars.

Fair enough. But this is a proofreader here. Surely she should be able to discern such things without my input–arrogant or otherwise.

Let me just show you one thing. Because I’m arrogant.

Here’s the translation gig.

Now, compare and contrast with GT: You%20got%20the%20right%20person%20for%20the%20job. With%20my%20knowledge%20of%20Languages%20like%3A French Spanish Chinese Dutch Italy %20%20%20%20%20%20And%20a%20few%20others%2C%20I%20will%20give%20you%20flawless%20translation%20services. %20%20%20%20Hire%20Me%20with%20Confidence

Well, that’s amazing. I’ll continue being arrogant and not charging people for shit. Never mind pretending to be a poofreader.

Never start an argument with @emmaki on a weekend :slight_smile:

I would guess that English is not your native language. I agree with Emmaki. This is really extraordinary. I’m sure you are great at making websites but writing is not your strong point. Italy is not a language, it’s a country, but yet you say you translate Italy.

@Emmaki c’mon girl,grow up

I don’t see it as arrogance. This is simply the truth. If it were a few mistakes it would be one thing but it’s far out there.

“grow up” is your best response? You aren’t even going to bother to defend the charge of being awful at English, possibly lying about where you are from etc?


you know what,am a busy person i don’t have time for all your trash dull.

= emmaki is right and I have no idea how to defend myself