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How to have extral $$money$$

Your gigs have been written by Google translate. That is the only explanation. I kept wondering how a professional writer with a four year college degree who is from an English speaking country can mangle the language in such a way.

I only offer this because of what you are saying in your original post:
my point is offer what you don’t have in your Gig But only what you know you can do very well.

You cannot rely on Google translate to offer writing gigs. (And if you aren’t using Google translate then I really don’t know what to think. I can’t figure out how someone can mess up English so badly.)

Lool. Proofreaders are really terrible set of people. You can’t type just about whatever you like in front of them. There’s no way in hell, that’s going to happen.
Like I always say “we catch those little things that others can’t see”.

I think you mean well, OP, but you can’t offer something you’re not good at. It might seem like a good idea, but all you are doing is delivering poor quality work and taking money from people. It makes Fiverr look bad, it makes sellers look bad, and it makes you look bad.

Its good idea for us.Thanks for share helpful tips.

see the link:


thank you,am not taking money from people ma’am, besides if the buyer is not impressed with my service he should have demand for refund or report me,some are extremely taking it the other way round.

you welcome,thanks for finding it useful.

I have never heard anyone from Slough use the word ma’am. You are not from England and you do not live in the United States.

Besides, your argument doesn’t work: what if your satisfied buyers have English on your level or worse? Don’t you think it’s a bit fraudulent, never mind all the other stuff? Do you think they would be truly happy with your service if they understood they had a pile of wordsoup rather than good writing that made them look professional and trustworthy?

Would you be happy? That was a rhetorical question so no need to answer.

Either way, encouraging others to offer things they don’t normally do is a recipe for disaster, in my opinion. Why not go after the people who want what you already offer? You’re taking potential customers away from other sellers who may also be newbies! My main issue is with your writing gig. Like some others here have said, you might be great at creating web pages and the like, but your English is not good. It’s not right to think that people will buy that gig when you can’t even write a decent description for it. I’m not telling you to delete it, but don’t expect anyone to buy it. Maybe you do excellent work building web pages, but going to the Buyer’s Request section for unrelated work and telling others to do this is just wrong. That’s just my opinion on your initial post. Do what you know and you will succeed.

Very useful. Thanks for sharing.

Thanks For checking out my gig, LOL… You are an awesome seller @emmaki. But treat others with some level of respect. Besides I was not actually saying you are arrogant, I just made a reference to your comment on a previous post where you stated that you love being arrogant, if I am not mistaken. BTW I have been delivering awesome services to my clients, and they all appreciate my level of hard work. :slight_smile: So… It’s still awesome knowing that a TRS checked out my Gig.
Also, I’ve got some friends who speak those languages I posted on my gigs, so I agree with you that I do not speak those languages. I basically speak English and French. So pull yourself together, we ain’t fighting dear! You’ve been in this marketplace way before I even though of marketing my services as a writer here on Fiverr…!

Your profile description–the one I pointed out–is lifted from Google Translate and has errors in both the original English and Spanish. I’m not being disrespectful here. I’m pointing something out that no amount of hard work can transform. The same goes for your proofreading–your profile description is littered with errors.

You may have great reviews, but if your buyers are non-native English speakers, or simply aren’t great at writing anyway. That’s not a great benchmark to look for when judging a proofreader’s actual skill.

This isn’t a war–but you are offering services that people are paying money for. Don’t you at least owe it to your buyers to provide a genuinely good service, whether it’s $5 or $500? Your self-assessment as awesome, hard work is yours alone: the reality is that your profile says may hard work, but substandard results likely.

good idea.thanks for sharing

thank you

Thanks for the assessment, i really owe you one. The truth still remains that I really may not have taken a great deal of effort in proofreading my profile description. All the same, the best you could do to help me as a seller like you are is offering me some Ideas as to how to become as good as you are. That would help. I may not be perfect, but to an extent I am good at what I do, and every passing day I equip myself with new skills gotten from researches I do while online, and working with clients. I really do feel good having you have a little chit-chat with me here. Thanks a lot Emmaki :slight_smile:

As evidenced by at least correcting your mistakes. Skip the faux-niceness, will ya? It’s incredibly dull.

It’s a good idea not to spam the forum you moron.

Your buyers are just too uneducated to notice that you deliver garbage. You take advantage of them. You are most likely a guy from Bangladesh, Pakistan or India. Seen the many scammers from this regions I dare say that there is only a handful of genuine and honest sellers from there. People like you bring all of them to shame.

Thanks for share helpful tips.

see the link:

Well, I love being nice :slight_smile: