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How to have extral $$money$$

sir, it is really awesome, I like your way…:slight_smile:

Hello Mario, Yes, It’s really shame when seller like me from Bangladesh see our country name first because this kind of ***** person. And some idiot who put their gig URL on forum. Just because of them we have to suffer a lot. To build up reputation on fiverr is not so easy for us. One need to sacrifies lots of thing. Very often I have stand up hole night to communicate with my buyer or deliver the work in time. As I did my first 1200 words Whiteboard animation within 3 days less than half of actual price to make my client happy. Or, refund few order after compleating order, because of client’s confusion and asked for voice over recording changes which was out of my budget. Though I had to spend my own revenues.

Kindly excuse me, if I say anything wrong or you find any grammer mistake because I am not good at English. Thanks