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How to have more time for revision?


How Can I extend the revision time?
You know I delivery on time but on the third day the client asked for the revision and the order enter in “late” He just sends me a word that It will contact soon for the feedback so my delivery rates drop by doing the right thing.


You can extend the time delivery through the resolution centre. However, the late indication will be there till client accepts extension.Same thing happened to me last week, client failed to accept extension on time (they needed a session to take place 3 days after purchase while my gig had a deadline for two days) and my delivery dropped at 97%. I’m afraid you cannot do much, simply try to deliver the rest of your orders asap so that you’re not further penaltized.


Thank you for your answer. This thing is really unfair for us, my client ordered to create 2 videos with fast delivery my fast delivery is 3 days and the job wasn’t small somehow I managed to deliver on the Friday in the last day to be marked as complete today he marked for a revision and the job is marked as late this is really unfair thing from Fiverr.


Why worry about it? Just deliver the revised work according to the terms of your gig, and redeliver. You could save yourself a lot of grief by devoting the time spend worrying, and applying it to completing the revision. :wink:


It won’t count as a late delivery - it only shows late on your dashboard as it’s after the due delivery time, which you met.


How can I deliver the work when the client says “We will review and be in touch soon! Thanks!” I already received this kind of message and I have to keep bugging them to send me the feedback.


Just wait for him to get back in touch - your order isn’t going to be marked as late, so don’t message them any more - let them reply to you when they’re ready.