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HOW TO: Have your reply to Buyers' reviews appear on your Gig Page

I’ve searched and searched but cannot find the answer. “Well, search some more!” Um, I have . . .

If you know how the following is done, do tell. I’m an experienced Buyer but a newbie Seller.

Many Sellers leave a message and (I believe stars too) right under Buyers’ reviews on their Gig pages.

How does one do this? Is it simply done by filling out the green box “Review your experience with this buyer,” area of a completed Gig page; (screen shot below)?

(I think I’m going to get some, “Er, um, yeah. . . " or “Um, duh . . .” answers,” but I’ll risk it).


I would have thought the screenshot was explanatory. Click on stars. Write something in the sharing is caring box, click publish.

I am going to assume you have having a huge brain fart moment.

Yes, I’ll go for a brain fart.

Yup, I asked for it.

(I shall not hit the "edit’ button … I shall not hit … )

I’m not sure if anyone has ever asked this, perhaps because it is one of the rare intuitive features on Fiverr. I suppose it’s fine that if someone needs it, it is here.

Down side, upon FAQ closure and post burial, no one will find it. There is a plan for a FAQ plugin that will help, but I imagine the plan is filed with the blueprints to the future Hyperspace Bypass.