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How to help my gigs show up in searches?


Hi Fiverr Forum,
Could you guys help me figure out how to help my gigs show up in more searches/get more impressions? I’m trying to understand how tags work especially…is it better to use one word tags or longer tags?
Ie… “reiki healing” vs “reiki” + “healing” + “spiritual” ?

Thanks! :slight_smile:


We can’t really help you in getting more Impressions. Impressions are completely buyer-based. if someone sees your gig in search results or on a category page, you’ll be credited with an impression. There is nothing you can do to directly influence or gain more of this stat.

The only way to gain the potential of being seen more in searches is to have a great gig that people want, a gig that sells well, and a gig that earns great reviews from the work you deliver. Fiverr seems to like featuring these kinds of gigs within their search results, because these are the kind of gigs that earn money for Fiverr.

As far as the tags you should use, experiment – see what works. Keep what does work, and keep experimenting to find new ways to replace those that don’t.

Good luck!


Yes you can increase your GIG views in search .

Just share your GIG on social media platforms and also use buyer request



you can’t share your gig in buyers request, it’s exclusive for buyers requests, like its own name says.