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How to hide a work

i have a client that needs the work that i will make to be private. So its possible not to post the final work on my page?

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You can turn your Live Portfolio off before you deliver that order, and later turn it back on.

Your buyer will also have the option to uncheck the work when they accept your delivery, and if they uncheck it, it won’t show in your portfolio.


Great idea! @asobraltorres, buyers are prompted to ask if they want the work included in the live portfolio. If you have that turned off until ten days after the order is completed, they won’t have the option to put it in the live portfolio.

I would wait the full ten days after completion because that is how long the buyer has to make a review and decide to include the Live Portfolio.

You can’t only make some parts of an order accessible to live portfolio, only the whole order.

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