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How To Hire A Good Article Writer On Fiverr

1.Use Search

If you need to get a 700 word article written then search for “700 word article” instead of browsing through the categorizes to find a good writer.

2.Positive Ratings

Positive ratings are important and you should always look whether the writer has 90+ Rating.

3.Reviews and Thumps up.

Reviews show case the writing skill of the article writer.Remember reviews could be manipulated and look out for negative reviews as well.

4.Ask the writer for a sample.

Ask the writer for a sample preferably in your chosen niche.


Look for the duration(time frame) in which the gig gets done.1-2 days are the best because as the days increases the writer becomes lethargic or he has increased the time-frame so that he has a work on simultaneous orders.

6.Encourage New Writers

Be sure to check out new article writers on writers tend to offer more content and put an extra effort to impress the buyers.

I have do disagree on the turn around time.

The more orders a writer has the more time it will take them to complete orders and this is a sign that the writer is doing well (that they have a lot of orders) you should feel confident that so many people are ordering!

Just think - people offering “Two articles of 1000 words each in 24 hours!!!” - probably are not turning out high quality work. You get what you pay for!

I also disagree with the turn around time and agree with @deannabalestra.

I’m an article writer and couldn’t possibly reduce my turn around time. I offer the reduce time frame in my extras but, of course, it costs extra. Quality is the more important than speed. With a long time frame, writers won’t be under the extra pressure when trying to spot mistakes or get the best quality from the research.

I have to have a long turn around time, I know writers get caught up in the “dollar per hour” stuff, but all my articles are custom written according to buyers instructions. I may have 30 article in the works at one time, and each one is different. I can’t crank out work in 15 minutes, nor would I. It takes me at least 30 minutes just to proof and run through copyscape.

gpandakiller said: If you need to get a 700 word article written then search for "700 word article" instead of browsing through the categorizes to find a good writer.

That seems to me to be a rather limited approach. Doing a search like that only finds the term "700 words", but not 750, 800, 600, or any other number, and does NOTHING to address the issue of "quality" of the writer. Really, how many buyers make their main buying decision based on which seller has composed a gig with a magic number of words offered?

I think more buyers would benefit from a pretty thorough initial session of browsing the categories of writing (and advertising?), saving or bookmarking possible sellers as you go, then zeroing in on the top prospects. Yes, word count plays a role, to be sure, but as long as multiple sellers fall within the same general range of word counts, most buyers will likely get better results by looking at feedback and the writer's samples and special offerings or topics. A poorly worded gig listing is pretty much all you need to learn to disqualify a writer if quality matters. A well-worded gig listing does not automatically mean you'll get a good transaction, but it is a decent starting point.

Searching for specific and general key words won't find all the good writers on Fiverr. But short of trying to browse all the lisings it is about all you can do these days. I'd rather buy an ORIGINAL 600 word article from a good writer who knows or researches a topic instead of searching for an arbitrary word count of 700 words from someone who copies online wikis or other easy tricks. So starting a "writer search" by word count would not meet my needs.

I also disagree with the timeframe - I have to put mine to the max (29 days) because people are ordering multiples from me. I may have 20+ orders at one time in my queue but a good majority of those are multiple orders. If I didn’t have the 29-day turnaround, I’d be late on all of these. There’s no way I can work on 20+ multiple orders in one or two days… just not feasibly possible unless I want to turn out crap… And, I DON’T!

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Since this thread seems to be primarily about article writing, I must say that I don’t see how anybody makes any respectable money writing articles on fiverr. I gigged for several months back when I didn’t have any other income at all and I remember how I really got where I resented selling the quality of work I was putting out (I stopped my gig but I had a 94% rating and was a Level 2 Seller) for $4(I don’t have AC here!).

I’m possibly going to start gigging again but it won’t be writing articles. The people who have gigs that lend themselves more to speed… I think they have a real advantage on Fiverr.


Offering 700 words, I don’t miss those days! I’m sure you didn’t get an MA in English only to be writing for less than 80 cents / 100 words.

Be truthful to yourself, and it will shine through to your customers.

Reply to @emeraldawnn: Agreed!

I write material for businesses and currently have a 14 days for my estimated delivery. It was 7 days, but went I started getting 6-10 orders EVER single day I had to extent it. I’m not “lethargic” and I state exactly why my time frame is extended at this moment: Because I am updating my profile for the new V2. It’s simply because I do have to infact have to update my profile for the new layout, so many of the specs have changed and it takes time. I completely agree this is no way I could complete 6 or 16 orders in anything under 5 days at least. We have real job, and lives just like everything else. Estimated days doesn’t mean anyone is lazy at all. It just means they are busy, or they have it set longer due to personal reasons, nothing wrong with that!

Reply to @thepromogirl:

I recently did the unthinkable… I actually took down my gigs to give me some breathing room to finish on clients’ work that I have in queue…and I’ve cancelled one of them because I just don’t have the time to give him the attention he deserves.

What can I say? Like you said, we all have other jobs - I am currently working on my youngest boy’s school part-time and it’s eating into the hours I need to work on these projects.

Pausing the gigs… perhaps up to two weeks - may give me some breathing room. I hated doing it BUT, I just could NOT see how I was going to cope with people ordering multiple work from me on a consistent basis and do my job well. (The price I pay though for being at the top of the ladder I do suppose :slight_smile: )

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I disagree with the turnaround time 0_o

Mine is 15-19 days (on average) and I know I can produce quality in that time. But then again, I offer 100% unique hand-written content.

I do not hand out samples either. Mainly because I have not had time to produce any. Most people look at my reviews and order anyway (about 2,000 orders completed, 0 negative feedback for quality of work)

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I am an experienced article writer and it is very difficult to get started here on Fiverr selling quality content.

I have ordered from a few of the ‘featured’ and ‘top sellers’ just to see what the quality is like, and to be honest all I’ve seen is spun content (copied articles that have had the words changed to make them unique). I can see why people do this, as writing a genuine well researched article does take time and in most cases too much time to warrant only getting paid a Fiverr to do it.

However there are some great article writers on here.

  1. Never just order, message the seller first, ask for some examples of work. If the seller can’t be bothered to compile a quality response to your questions, then its a certainty that he/she wont spend quality time writing your article.

  2. Always check to see if your written content is already on the internet, use Copyscape. If it is, report the seller!

  3. Try to find genuine native English speakers, again ask questions. If their response contains broken English, you are sure to get a spun article back.

  4. Don’t order from someone with fast turnaround times, if your article is completed in 24 hrs, then I guarantee you are getting a spun article. Nobody can complete 10’s of orders in so little time and dedicate quality time to writing them.

    I hope these few points help you choose a great writer, I’m always around to answer questions if needed.

I totally agree with the suggestion to message the seller first. You can get a better idea if the writer is going to be a good writer for your niche, etc. Also, if you are going to want multiple articles, it helps to get to know the seller a bit.

And definitely check out the seller’s reviews–not just for the article writing gig you’re looking at but for all of that person’s gigs as that gives you a more global picture of the individual’s work.

My stance on this, being a Fiverr writer, is that newbies should be given a chance. I say this because 1; I am one of those writers, and 2; they do give their full effort to impress a customer and encourage reoccurring sales.

Try out my writing gigs! This is shameless self-promotion! By the way, my gig is pending update due to my video being uploaded, but I deliver in two days or less.

What? Writers who offer longer than a 1-2 day turnaround are “lethargic” !!

All of the articles I write are painstakingly written by myself which takes literally hours. Thankfully I enjoy writing - if not, there’s no way I would do it!

If I simply cut and pasted content from online sources I’m sure I could work faster - however I feel that would result in an inferior article - I just can’t (won’t) do it.

My turnaround is more like a week at the moment, although I do sometimes deliver early depending on how many articles I’m working on.

I agree about messaging the writer prior to ordering the gig - this benefits both buyer and writer. Also I don’t see any problem with buyers asking to see samples of work.


I agree with the main post and most of the comments that follow. However, for me, I think article writing is a relationship thing between the buyer and seller. If the buyer does not consider the time and efforts put to quality article writing processes, he sure would have just anything to go with and in such situation, Positive Ratings Reviews and Thumps up as recommended by @gpandakiller, might not show true competence of the writer.

I suggest any buyer out there to start by communicating with the prospective writer before an engagement and to also be willing to appreciate his the writer’s time on his article.

Good friendly communication can get out the quality work from a good writer.


i can write 500 words of any type articles with 100% reviews

I agree with the main post and most of the comments that follow.however i suggest you should contact the seller before you order. Positive Rating Reviews and Thumps up as recommended by elliottconnor

I suggest any buyer out there to start by communicating with the prospective writer before an engagement and to also be willing to appreciate his the writer’s time on his article.

Good friendly communication can get out the quality work from a good writer.


I completely agree with you! Sometimes leaving a sample would put excess burden on us as the buyer may make use of it.

~ Maria