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How To Hire A Good Article Writer

1.Use Search

If you need to get a 700 word article written then search for “700 word article” instead of browsing through the categorizes to find a good writer.

2.Positive Ratings

Positive ratings are important and you should always look whether the writer has 90+ Rating.

3.Reviews and Thumps up.

Reviews show case the writing skill of the article writer.Remember reviews could be manipulated and look out for negative reviews as well.

4.Ask the writer for a sample.

Ask the writer for a sample preferably in your chosen niche.


Look for the duration(time frame) in which the gig gets done.1-2 days are the best because as the days increases the writer becomes lethargic or he has increased the time-frame so that he has a work on simultaneous orders.

6.Encourage New Writers

Be sure to check out new article writers on New writers tend to offer more content and put an extra effort to impress the buyers.