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How to hire the best article writers on 5r

NOTE: For purposes of this thread, when I refer to writing gigs, it includes proofreaders, all editors, all writers to include but not limited to book blurb/article/blogs/etc.

If you are a buyer reading this forum, then this advice is for you.

I’ve read several buyers asking how to find good proofreaders, editors and writers. There are some who have been burned a few times, wondering if there are any genuine sellers who offer writing gigs here.

So, how do you spot the fake from the real? It’s easier than you think. Unlike other gigs, where you have to spend time doing detective work, reading reviews - analyzing fake vs real, writing gigs are easier to hire.

If you just stumble across this forum, then spend some time reading the threads. You can click the username or profile picture then check out that sellers gigs. You’ll find many cool gigs, including those who offer writing gigs.

Even the perfectionist will let small grammar errors slip by on the forum but writers won’t. Writers are obsessed with writing in every aspect from spelling, to punctuations, wording, to structure and even the flow.

They are seldom redundant or repetitive in what they write here. They are somewhat of a writing :nerd_face:, most of the time very long winded and very passionate about giving writing advice.

When you spend enough time reading the forum, you’ll get an idea about their work ethics and writing skills. A real writer knows spinning articles or tricking copyscape by replacing English letters with Foreign letters takes too much work. They will write from scratch.

Proofreaders and editors are even easier to spot, just read what they wrote on the forum.

I can’t guarantee you’ll like the article you get, but this will guarantee you’ll get unplagerized, unspun article by a real writer.

Good luck. :blush:


unplagiarized :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


@writer99025, If I could spell, I wouldn’t need proofreaders. :wink:

@everyone_else, This guy as you can see is a writer, editor, proofreader - he corrects all my forum spelling. :slight_smile:


I think that the forum is not a good way to find a writer. How do you know who post actually writes? The best way is to search Fiverr and buy some $5 gigs from a few you like and go with the best one.


Humm, hello Charles.

Well, you’re a pretty awesome writer and I found you here! :slight_smile:

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True. You did. And I am blessed that you did. I do not count on it as a source of business. I enjoy the conversations.


Don’t forget to read the gig descriptions, too. Descriptions with so many errors easily lets you know that the seller is suspect and out of his depth.

And, don’t forget to ask Gina. :wink:


I am a writer with a degree, but my degree is in English Lit. My forum posts do have typos and errors and sometimes my articles do too since I’m not a proofreader/editor and hate proofing.

I agree overall and there are lots of good writers here. Personally, I’m literally compelled to write and I’m good at it, but not at all aspects. As you can see here, I’m also a “wordy” writer which appeals to some buyers (and readers) but not others.

Regardless, great tip post!

Favorite quote: “If I had more time, I would have written a shorter letter.”


Yes, while good writers may slip, too many errors/typos is a sign of poor skill, carelessness or both.


It also applies to sellers in other categories. Grammar is not that important for designers, but the way they interact with others here shows how they would serve their clients.

So, if you’re a buyer and you’re planning to hire a professional, then you might wish to check if that seller has posted anything in this forum :wink:


Writing and translation sellers: ASSEMBLE!


Hello rainny,

Nice profile pic!

I have the long awaited animation you’ve been waiting for - ready. :slight_smile:

It’ll be posted in about a week.


Thank you!

Finally. Can I get a mention when you post it?


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