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How to hit fiverr mania (over 100 orders a week)

Scope out categories and what some of the weaker areas are. Become skilled in that area and start a gig. Create other social networks to promote your own gigs like gplus or twitter even pinterest. This has helped me reach 350 orders in a week at times.


Reply to @madmoo: So you sell more then that? That is great good for you!

awesome work.

That is awesome.

Thx I use a system that works very well.

for example write a blog article share it with your fiverr gigs in it this went viral

Reply to @qualityseogig: thx a lot I find writing blog articles and sharing to toher networks I built help quite a bit.

Reply to @madmoo: actually the opposit I am trying to tell people exactly how to do it…

Reply to @madmoo: in fact tip numbr 1 set up a gplus account for your fiverr gigs a pinterest and a twitter. Share your gigs there

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So yes some people do envy the success but that is ok for those truly interested in selling more ask away. I will share all I know.

Reply to @madmoo: If you want to look up articles go for it it is all part of the exact strategy I am talking about.

Hitting Fiverr Mania Twice

True Fiverr Services Worth 10 times what you pay for.

Fiverr King


Lighting Strikes Twice $$$

20 Fiverr gigs to rule them all. 8000 delivered

Top Selling Fiverr Gigs

just a few you see this is called marketing

Reply to @madmoo: oh dont forget


fiverr ranker

you see this is how to get sales on your gigs… I am offerin that to other sellers the fact you think its boasting well sorry about that but I spend 5 hrs a day marketing my gigs.

Anyway sellers that really want to earn set up other networks and promote your gigs

So many ways look up on gplus set up a board on pinterest… all this takes time but since fiverr is so competitive use other social networks to promote…

16,000 folowers on pinterest see my gigs do the same…nothing but free advice here

here ya go I wish you all massive sales if anyone wants to really know ask me :slight_smile:

Reply to @madmoo: some of the article are out of date but a par of the journey to get here they go back a long time :slight_smile: nonetheless only here to help.

Reply to @madmoo: If you want to pick and moan over specific things that is fine it doesn’t change the fact all the advice is sound and works. Thx Tonight I will update the links in the old articles quite frankly I had no need to :slight_smile:

Reply to @madmoo: Maybe this will help to as I said I spend hours getting here now I am showing everyone how flickr

Pretty amazing nice work dude. I am new learning a lot.