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How to ? How it Works?


:hearts: Hello Friends! :hearts:
Please Leave Your Best Idea for Using Fiver FORUM.
Simply To help the New Comers.
:hearts: Thanks in Advance.


I would say the same – to help others!


The best part about 5r forum is having fun. Some of my favorite threads have nothing to do with gigs, buying, selling, ranting - but games.

A newbie should introduce themselves: hobbies, career and/or education, 5r aspirations. They should NOT start with questions, such as

  • What’s wrong with my gigs?
  • Why haven’t I sold?
  • Help me fix my gigs, etc.

The veteran users will be more apt to respond to you with a celebratory memes, gifs, logo and even a funny newbie initiation like at ya.

If you can take the punch, you’d be welcomed faster and the senior members will be more willing to help.

Play along in the fun threads and create some of your own. As a newbie, your first few threads or games you invent can be a dud or a hit.

If you’re wondering what I mean by games or fun, here are some of my favorites. You can create something that people would enjoy participating in as well.