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How To I can complete my job, Please Help me


Hi There,
I have an order. I complete this work as per buyer documents. he changes the rules and regulation as he wants.

  1. he wants a cute sugar skull design. I do that and he chooses also.
  2. he gives me a template where I set up my design. I have complete that. but he wants in this time 3 template design. I do that also.
  3. Now he wants to revision about 7050pixel X 6150pixel printable file.

How can I provide that?
because he provides me the template.

He is not an active buyer. he sometimes came to Fiverr and don’t reply any conversion on me.
Last revisions time 12:09 AM (as per +6), But he give revision request at 01:19 AM (as per +6)
after complete the set up he wants to revisions.
What can I do know? Please help me.

Advance Thanks


Write to him and tell him that since he provided the template you cannot make it that size.

Tell him you have completed everything that he has requested but the last revision request is not possible with what he provided.

Submit again something you already submitted to him for your new delivery of the order.

Write to him and tell him that this completes the order and you have done all that he requested that is possible. Again tell him the revision he requested is not possible.

If he wants a refund tell him no you won’t since you did all you had promised to do in the gig description, and even if he leaves a bad review you are not able to refund his money, since now reviews cannot be changed after a refund/


best regard