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How To I Get First Sale on Fiverr?

Hello, guys, I’m a newbie here. Recently joined, created 3 gigs. I didn’t work on any international marketplace like as Fiverr, Up work, Elance. I worked on my local marketplace in my country. But I’m interested now and I selected Fiverr as my first online marketplace to do work. But I’m very curious about to get the first sale on Fiverr. I learned that highly reviewed & sold gigs get ranking and they generate sales easily. But when a people even an expert skilled people enter into Fiverr. How will he/she get his/her first sale? Because without first sale, their gig won’t rank. Then what is the solution for the first stage?

Guys, I am so depressed about that. How to get my first sale? Every client always want to order high reviewed gigs.

Sharing your social networks.

Hello there.This is my first post here and i must say that i am at EXACTLY the same position as you.I have created 3 gigs also and of course no sales at start.I ‘ve created my account long ago but started sales recently.So what i did for one of my gigs is that i invited a good friend on fiverr (with the affiliate link of fiverr) and sent him five dollars on paypal and told him to buy my gig.I also told him to give me a five star review and a nice comment which he did.Maybe my friend will buy more gigs here.Fiverr gave me 5$ back with credits (not sure what that is) and 4 dollars from my sale.So what i actually did i gave fiverr 1 dollar.I didn’t get a second sale by doing this but i think it’s a way to start.If you do this with some close friends and family you will get around 10 sales (let’ s say) . So you will give 10$ to fiverr but i think this is a good way to start.
Also check the buyers request if you can get a service there.
I will click on “favourite” on your gigs (please do the same for me also).It’s one click and it’s a win-win situation.I am not sure how much that helps to rank your gig higher but i think it gives a push.

Hope you the best on your fiverr journey.Please feel free to contact me.

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Hello fiverr I beleive the way you make sales here is about trying to be unique. what i mean is do not copy other fiverr overview photos try to be original. make sure your gig has that unioqueness if you know what i mean. Also use lots of social media you will get there

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hello,honestly, this is my first post on fiverr forum also,am also facing the same challenges like that of other member here.
does anybody has a better solution to this challenges or tip?

I have some small order, to make my online shop’s profile, advertising, banner,… all start form $5,please contact me for more detail, my English is not very good…Thank you

Please anybody with more options of getting started with first sale?

try promoting your gig with social networks

I am also struggling to make sales, anyone with tips I could apply?

It’s almost like there isn’t a forum packed with tips. Do some reading. You know, that thing where you want to master another thing so you read a lot of stuff and apply it until something works?

Or you can just bleat unsuccessfully.


First of all, do not worry and be patient! :slight_smile:
Getting orders, especially the first one is not easy, but you will definitely get it due to hard work and persistency.

  1. Send as many offers as possible every day (through Buyer Requests section)
  2. Customize your gigs, make them organized and eye catchy!
  3. Create pricing plans
  4. Promote yourself through social media.

I hope these tips will help you!

Good luck!

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Yes correct :slight_smile:

I always made sure to keep my prices as low as possible when I first started. And whenever I do get a buyer, I ensure to offer them better deals so they are more inclined to come back!

But in regards to getting buyers, it honestly depends on what you’re selling. As an Australian voice over artist, I thought it would be super hard to find people who wanted Australian accents, but sometimes its a matter of sitting and waiting or teaching yourself new skills (i.e. accents) so that you can cater to more peoples needs.

All the best!

Be persistent with sharing your gigs on your social media platforms. Share daily. Facebook and Twitter has been successful when I shared my gigs.

Just keep swimming.

You’ll take off soon enough!

I am having a same problem. I am offering a powerpoint presentations to students and for business purpose. And i am not getting orders as i am new here.

Also facing same problem. after no order felling depressed…

Only you, the buyer, can contact a seller - not the other way round. A measure by the site to cut back spams.

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I would suggest go to buyer requested page every day and look up new buyers that want your kind of service. Convince them why you are good. This certainly worked for me. I posted 10 requested everyday for 15 days till I got my first buyer.
Most of all what I would say is do not loose your patience. That is very important as you may go months without actually get a buyer, but just keep your head down and continue.
All the Best,

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I got my first 5 orders the same week I joined Fiverr. This is what I did: I created up to 5 gigs at once (with that I had more options on BR), I sent out all 10 offers daily charging only $5 even for jobs worth more than that (I only increased my price after I got to Level 1 ). When I get an order, I put in 300% effort (This gave me both tips and 5-star reviews from buyers). Above all, I can tell you that I have read almost all the posts on this forum starting from the tips to rantings and so on, even the ones dated 2011. I have also read almost all the articles in the Fiverr Academy, Blog and even followed the podcast. I HAVE NEVER POSTED A COMPLAINT because there was no need for that, the people you are complaining to are also here to make money. No one will give you every tip, read through and find out for yourself what works and does not. I wish you good luck!

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