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How to I get order on Fiverr?

Hello there, I have joined Fiverr 2 years ago. But I couldn’t get any order yet. Now, what I have to do and how I will get an order on Fiverr. Pls, kindly give me some advice that I can apply and get more orders in Fiverr.

I have created 4 gigs.
1.shopify bugs fix product Shopify dropshipping store
3.convert PSD to HTML
4.convert xd to HTML

Pls give me some suggestions about those gigs and if you will getting any mistakes pls inform me. Then, I will be trying to fix what I missing in my gig.


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you can follow some tips

wish you best of luck.


Thanks for your opinion

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you are most welcome

@creative425u check out/search other post to relavent your question on forum…