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How to i get the First Order? help ME?

I open a new account in Fiverr. Please,provide some advise how to get my first order in Fiverr. i Would build my carerr in fiverr for your advise.Pray for me.
Thank You.

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Welcome to fiverr check this out,


Thank You… Rizwansb

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promote your profile and gigs via social media

This road is not easy, trust your skills and market your gigs. Send all 10 buyer requests.

Good luck

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I’m also new one to Thanks for advices.
Thank for all.

Thank you. Zdainer…

Okay.Thank you…

Thanks you for 1st order and go ahead with excellency .

sir, Can you give me some advise?

Don’t mention Sir, bro, dude, buddy it’s bad habit here Give some Impression. Here is not Master and student.