How to I improve my Gig


I am new here. At first I can Receive buyer request and they also massage me. But now a days, I never find any buyer request or massage or order.
anyone please help me to tell about this that How can I improve my Gig for getting order.
here my fiver link


The correct category for this is Improve My Gig. Tips for Sellers is if you have tips which you want to give to other sellers. It is not for sellers to give you tips.
Putting a link in Tips for Sellers will cause your post to be flagged so suggest you move it to Improve My Gig.


marketing your gigs on your social media…as many as possible & also add gig video…that helps to boost your gigs


Oh! I m new here…thats why mistake. Sorry for that.
Thanks for suggestion.


Regularly change your fiverr gig Photos:slightly_smiling_face:


Thanks for suggest.
I will surely do it :slightly_smiling_face:


it’s my pleasure :hugs: